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Couples on the Internet for sick daughter fundraising Mercedes Benz diamond ring was questioned – Sohu news recently, there are friends in Shaoxing contact Qianjiang Evening News reporter, said in the circle of friends to see a fundraising message "good hearted people, thank you for helping my leukemia daughter.". The news was made by a woman in Shaoxing, hoping to collect 300 thousand yuan. After many of his friends saw it, they were forwarding and giving their love. However, after adding the WeChat to help the woman, he found her driving the Mercedes Benz and showing the diamond ring. "Why do you want to raise money when you have so much money?"" The net friend is confused. Reporters found that the help song lady not only launched fundraising, but also launched a public platform to raise public said, December 2013, 4 year old daughter diagnosed leukemia. The doctor said that the chemotherapy control the disease, and so on to ease, and then go to Beijing transplant. To transplant the cost is too expensive, the chemotherapy has cost us a lot of money, really can not afford the cost of transplantation, and help you good people to me this poor child, a tortured child still eager to live. Ms. song couple interviewed yesterday by our reporter, responded to netizens questioned. Is it true that her daughter is ill? Ms. song’s husband: we have the daughter’s medical records, identity cards, medical insurance cards and other information uploaded to the public platform to raise. It’s impossible to tell a lie like a parent. Now the days are stretched, and there is no way out. Ms. song and her husband sent reporters a little video of her daughter’s recent videos. In the video, the little girl had her hair removed and she was lying in bed, looking at iPad. Subsequently, the couple and the reporter to produce Shanghai Ruijin Hospital disease certificate, disease diagnosis. In 2013, your daughter was diagnosed. Why did Ms. song show the diamond ring and Mercedes Benz on WeChat in 2014? Ms. song’s husband: I opened two mobile phone shop in Shaoxing, his family was well-off. After her daughter’s birth, her wife stays at home all the time. In 2013, the daughter found leukemia, chemotherapy in 2014 a year, the condition improved, but spent 500 thousand yuan savings. In 2014, my wife and I sold the original TOYOTA and bought a second hand Benz car with twenty thousand. Total price of 200 thousand yuan, down payment of 100 thousand yuan. Chemotherapy was done in the first half of 2014, and her daughter got better and the family was happy. I saw my wife working hard with her daughter all night, so she gave her a diamond ring on the seventh day of the Seventh Festival, which cost more than ten thousand yuan. When the daughter was ill, the kindergarten wanted to make a donation, but we declined politely, considering the deposit and not wanting to pay for it. Since there is a room with a car and a deposit, why not sell the car, raise the medical expenses? Ms. song’s husband: I live in a house with my parents, and the house is my mother’s name. Sell the house, there will be no place to live. At present, there are more than ten thousand savings at home. If we sell the car again, we can get a total of 200 thousand yuan, but there is no one to buy it. On the other hand, she often goes to Shanghai to see a doctor. It is more convenient to take her own car, and it also saves her from overwork. Borrow money from relatives, borrow only tens of thousands. Unable to make loans because of credit record. Fundraising.

夫妻网上为患病女儿募捐 开奔驰秀钻戒遭质疑-搜狐新闻  近日,有绍兴网友联系钱江晚报记者,说在朋友圈看到一则募捐消息《好心人,感谢您帮一下我的白血病女儿》。消息是一个绍兴女子发的,希望能募捐30万元。他的很多朋友看到后,都在转发,并献出爱心。然而,添加求助女子的微信后,他发现她开奔驰、秀钻戒。   “既然那么有钱,为何还要募捐呢?”这位网友很困惑。   记者发现,求助者宋女士不仅发起募捐,还在某众筹平台发起众筹称,2013年12月,4岁女儿确诊白血病。   医生说先化疗控制病情,等缓解了再去北京做移植。去北京移植的费用实在太昂贵了,前面的化疗已经花费了我们很多的钱,移植的费用实在无力承担了,求各位好心人帮帮我这个可怜的孩子,一个受尽折磨仍然渴望活下去的孩子吧。   宋女士夫妇昨天接受了本报记者采访,回应网友们的质疑。   ●女儿生病的事情是否属实?   宋女士的丈夫:我们已将女儿病历、身份证、医保卡等信息上传到众筹平台。为人父母,不可能撒这种谎。现在日子捉襟见肘,实在没办法了。   当事人宋女士和其丈夫给记者发来了她女儿近期的小视频。视频中,小女孩因化疗头发已脱,虚弱地躺在病床上看iPad。   随后,夫妻俩又向记者出示了上海瑞金医院的疾病证明书、病情诊断书。   ●2013年你女儿确诊,为何2014年宋女士还在微信上秀钻戒和奔驰车?   宋女士的丈夫:我在绍兴开了两家手机店,家境还算殷实。女儿出生之后,老婆全职在家。2013年女儿查出白血病,2014年化疗一年,病情好转,但已花去50万元积蓄。   做生意要撑场面,2014年我和老婆把原来的丰田车卖了,加了两万买了辆二手奔驰车。总价20万元,当时首付10万元。   2014年上半年化疗做下来,女儿病情好转,全家都很开心。我见老婆彻夜陪着女儿辛苦,便在七夕节送了她一枚钻戒,花了一万元多。   女儿生病期间,幼儿园想发起捐款,但我们婉言谢绝,就是考虑到还有存款,不想欠人情。   ●既然有房有车有存款,为何不卖房卖车筹医药费?   宋女士的丈夫:我和父母共住一套房子,房子是我妈名字。变卖房子,会没地方住。   目前家中积蓄还有十几万。如再把车卖掉总共能凑到20万元,但目前车子没人买。另一方面,女儿常去上海看病,坐自己的车方便些,也省得她劳累。   曾向亲戚借钱,只借到了没几万。因信用记录问题,已无法贷款。   ●募捐进展如何?   宋女士的丈夫:已收到近3000笔捐款,募得资金26万余元,但仍不够。在送女儿去北京前,需要支付院方35万元的押金,后续若出现其他情况,可能所需要的费用更高。   ●家中还有积蓄,为何不在众筹平台发的消息里说明?女儿病重,妈妈为何还在网上秀钻戒?   宋女士的丈夫回应:(关于秀钻戒)在我看来,这就是一个正常女人晒自己的幸福,不应该受到抨击。换句话说,女儿生病,不代表我老婆就要穿10元一件的衣服。   (前一问题未回应)   ●如现在募得的钱不够怎么办?   宋女士:车这几天已经决定卖掉变现了。房也已抵押给银行……   ●如爱心人士知道你家境,要求退款,怎么办?   未回应。相关的主题文章: