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Biguiyuan to the British Parliament and Bermingham cooperative development projects — real estate — original title: Biguiyuan Bermingham intends to cooperate with the British Parliament development project (Note: This article belongs to published business information, the content does not represent the views for reference only.) In new network on 6 September, September 5th, the garden city forest project praise British mayor Bermingham John? Clancy during his visit to China, visiting in Guangdong Biguiyuan group headquarters, signed a memorandum of understanding Biguiyuan group. Bermingham Council (BCC) and the real estate development projects in the real estate development projects in the vicinity of the park and the surrounding areas to ease the problem of housing shortage in the case of Mr. Bermingham (). Bermingham is the second largest city in the UK after London, one of the major manufacturing centers in the UK, but also the intersection of the main rail, road and canal network. Mayor Bermingham John? Clancy (left three) visited Biguiyuan group chairman of the board of directors Yang Guoqiang founded the free high school — China memorial school according to the plan, the Bermingham area in ten years to build more than 100 thousand new residential and supporting the next business center to maintain the sustainable development of economy. The Bermingham parliament fully recognizes that the vast majority of the capital that can support the development of these projects will come from china. The memorandum of understanding signed by Bermingham’s parliament and the garden park group has formally established a partnership between the two sides in real estate development. Biguiyuan group in Bermingham and surrounding areas to develop large-scale projects show great interest. Country garden group is China’s largest urbanization residential developers, but also the world’s top 500 listed companies Forbes, currently has more than 500 projects in the world. In addition to China, Biguiyuan in Australia, Malaysia and other countries have 5 projects, which is at the junction of Malaysia and Singapore to build a covers an area of about 20 square kilometers of the city — garden city forest, half a year since the opening ceremony of the sales in excess of 10 billion yuan. In September 3rd, John, Clancy visited the garden city. Before he came, he had seen a lot of pictures and pictures about the forest city. He said: "this project in the overall design is very exciting, after it is eye-opening. Forest city will provide 220 thousand jobs, not just to provide a house, this is the future will have an impact." He said, chose to cooperate with the country garden, one is the value of the company scale and volume, the two is Biguiyuan group chairman of the board of directors Yang Guoqiang’s story that he moved, "Bermingham is similar to the garden from the view of value, because of our efforts and hope the world will become better". In the background of economic recovery is weak, the garden with a professional ability to achieve healthy and rapid market growth. 2016 years ago in July, contract sales of about 149 billion 420 million yuan garden, a substantial increase of more than last year, more than last year’s performance, contract sales area of about 18 million 570 thousand square meters of construction. National Park with the average price of about 8000 yuan per square meter of decoration products, is the lowest in China’s top ten housing prices. Yang Guoqiang said, Bi相关的主题文章: