Columbia revolutionary armed forces to give up guns to get ready to go into politics – Sohu Military winfast

" the revolutionary armed forces of Columbia " to prepare gun – Sohu Military Channel Xinhua Bogota in September 18, to lay down their arms in abandoned weapons Politics: "change" legitimate political organization on the eve of the revolutionary armed forces of Columbia (hereinafter referred to as "brother Wu") 17 day held at the last National Convention, to determine the political the direction of development in the signing of the comprehensive peace agreement with the government of Columbia after the organization. "Brother Wu" member of the Secretariat Luciano announced 18 days in the Marin? For nearly a week of national conference, the organization will become a new political organization in all their guns. He said that the Colombian army in Columbia, the members of the agreement reached with the government’s final comprehensive peace agreement agreed. Conference held in southern Columbia del caguan Caqueta state of San Vicente City, which is the organization of the Tenth National Congress, the country hundreds of "brother Wu" members and representatives. "Brother Wu" supreme leader Rodriguez? Echeverri said at the opening ceremony: "the final comprehensive peace agreement to end the conflict, building a stable and lasting peace, of great significance." He said that at this meeting, the Colombian military aspects of the peace agreement will officially demonstrate the recognition of the content, and to discuss the future direction of the organization, for its transformation into non armed parties to prepare. Colombian military and the government of Columbia will be held in September 26th, the final comprehensive peace agreement officially signed ceremony. Since then, brother Wu members will all put down their weapons, the organization will no longer exist, but as a new political organization to enter the political arena in Columbia. Since the last century in 60s, the Colombian armed conflict between Columbia and government forces continued. In 2012, the two sides in Cuba and Norway as a guarantor, Venezuela and Chile as observers of the mediation, began in the Cuban capital Havana peace talks. In August 24th this year, the Columbia government and the Colombian army in Havana reached a final comprehensive peace agreement, ending the armed conflict between the two sides more than half a century. Columbia will hold a referendum on the content of the agreement on October 2nd, the peace agreement will be effective after the referendum.相关的主题文章: