Coal worker transformation reference Yuesao – energy –

Coal worker transformation reference Yuesao – energy – (original title: coal workers Yuesao reference transformation reported) to capacity in the coal industry background, Henan energy chemical group Hebi Coal Company opened multiple personnel shunt placement channels, through the organization of team, training, labor export workers Yuesao encourage entrepreneurship other way, let the diversion of staff in the capacity to process the back end on the new job. The company has 560 workers participated in Yuesao training of 123 medical personnel, 993 employees to achieve transfer, entrepreneurship. Coal worker transformation Yuesao, meaning it is self-evident. First of all, this approach is in line with the trend of the times. At present, the public entrepreneurship, innovation has become the consensus of the people, how to find a suitable road of entrepreneurship, is facing many people choose. But this occupation compared to other occupation, technical content is relatively less, have a certain cultural knowledge can be competent. More importantly, Yuesao are very optimistic about the prospects of household demand, this is also a kind of entrepreneurial opportunity. Secondly, this provides a useful reference for the "cross-border turn". Affected by the adjustment of industrial structure, economic slowdown is not limited to the coal industry, in some other industries such as iron and steel, is also facing the grim situation of enterprise personnel transfer, laid-off workers. In the face of the objective reality of the challenge, only the courage to face reality, will be more proficiency in a particular line in an invincible position in the market, the economic tide. There is no savior in the world, to grasp their own destiny, the key lies in their own. Of course, the coal workers transformation will not easy to master Yuesao, nursing knowledge, but as long as the intention to learn, this is the turn point the day and await for it. In the business on the road, not a royal road, there will be difficult and dangerous, but as long as have proficiency in a particular line always have their place. The transformation of coal workers Yuesao, provides a successful sample to the society, other industries may wish to draw. (source: Economic Daily Author: Li Hongjun ( );: Yanlu, commissioning editor Du Yanfei)相关的主题文章: