China has made a breakthrough in the study of Heterosis in

China’s breakthrough in the study of Heterosis in rice Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Chinese researchers in the UK 7 "natural" magazine online edition reported that they made a breakthrough in high yield hybrid rice heterosis genetic basis research, relevant results will help optimize design breeding strategy to deal with the global food safety requirements. Since the beginning of the 70s of last century, Chinese breeders have taken the lead in carrying out the research on the utilization of Heterosis in rice, and by promoting a series of high-yield hybrid combinations, the yield of rice has been greatly increased. Hybrid rice high yield from the effective utilization of rice heterosis phenomenon, heterosis is caused by parental genome interaction, is a complex biological phenomenon, but the genetic mechanism behind this phenomenon has not been fully understood. The National Academy of Sciences Chinese research on physiology and ecology of life sciences Shanghai plant gene research center Han Bin research group, Huang Xuehui research group in the United Chinese Rice Research Institute Yang Shihua research group, collected 1495 hybrid rice varieties, covering almost the most excellent varieties of China hybrid rice, and the 17 sets of representative populations of genome analysis yield and field investigation, using a series of new technologies, a detailed analysis of the genetic basis of Heterosis in hybrid rice, the final analysis of the molecular genetic mechanism of Heterosis in rice. They found that the rice heterosis performance is determined by gene identification, genetic loci controlling rice heterosis in the heterozygous state mostly showed incomplete dominance, through cross breeding produced a combination of new genotypes, resulting in hybrid generation efficiently all elements of Rice Flowering, the ideal plant type and yield heterosis formation collocation. One of the authors report communication Han Bin in an interview with Xinhua News Agency reporters said, using the results of this study, researchers are expected to further optimize the improved hybrid rice varieties, the parent materials, selection and combination of conventional rice parents serve with material properties of materials with high combining ability and polymerization advantages in the creation and improvement of parents the breeding of rice genetic resources, high yield, quality and resistance of the more. (China Agricultural Network) to enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: