China by G20 and the world to share the development concept clazziquai

China by G20 shared with the world development concept – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing, August 30 (reporter Shiyan) "the construction of innovation, vitality, linkage and tolerance in the world economy." This is the theme of the upcoming G20 (twenty group) summit in Hangzhou. Linked to the state of the world economy today, the theme is not an empty slogan, is leading the world economy out of "a new important way to mediocrity", is also Chinese with its new development concept to participate in global economic governance the latest evidence. Recently in an interview with News Agency reporters, the organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD) secretary general Guria pointed out that although the world economy has been basically out of the international financial crisis, but still did not achieve a strong recovery. In fact, this recovery is still very fragile, low investment, low growth, low consumption of the bad cycle is worthy of vigilance, all walks of life for the future pessimistic." Gurria this statement, the current world economy is the objective reflection. In the face of these difficulties, the main developed countries by encouraging globalization to encourage the "re industrialization" and the protection of the domestic market; the focus side construction of Global trade and investment mechanism, the FTA emerge in an endless stream leading to "highlight the Pasta Bowl" effect; the macro policy oriented to the long "rushed" tilt to the lack of effective national policies; but as for coordination, mutual constraints have occurred, the international economic cooperation is facing a wall visible the invisible wall…… How to make the global economy to reproduce the "vitality", the summit of the G20, Chinese out of "innovation, linkage, tolerance" of the "prescription", and the theme of the summit, set up to strengthen policy coordination, innovation and growth mode "and" more efficient global economic and financial governance "and" strong international trade and investment "and a number of important issues, intentions for the growth of the world economy and international economic cooperation and global economic governance to open a new vision, to provide new impetus. Policy observers believe that the theme of this G20 summit and China’s new development ideas highly consistent. The latter is provided by the Chinese in the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, because of its contents can be summarized as "innovation, harmony, green, open and sharing" and called five development ideas. It can be said that the theme of this G20 summit is the world’s five major development concept." Hu Jiangyun, director general of the comprehensive research office of the Ministry of Foreign Economic Research of the State Council Development Research center. As Chinese needs through innovation, maintain economic vitality and stable growth of the world economy also need to grasp the new industrial revolution, the digital economy opportunity, timely development of a new blueprint for world economic growth and innovation. At the same time, countries need to strengthen coordination between policies to avoid trade protectionism led to lose lose, lose the situation, which is the theme of this G20 summit innovation, linkage nature. Similarly, as China needs to further open up and share, the world economy needs to be further strengthened to achieve sustainable development. This means that the summit will focus on the implementation of the agenda for sustainable development in 2030, while taking effective measures to help Africa and the least developed countries to accelerate the industrialization of poverty reduction and sustainable development相关的主题文章: