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[character] disaster for more than an hour   tramp over mountains and through ravines; they carry the sick villagers to seek medical care — Fujian channel — original title: [figure] disaster more than an hour to tramp over mountains and through ravines carrying their sick villagers to seek police carrying sick villagers across the road yesterday, Zhang Dehua Nan Cheng Zhen TA Dou Cun, 62 years old am calling to Nancheng station, thanked the police, enthusiastic rescue during the typhoon. Originally, in September 30th, the old man suddenly ill, in urgent need of medical treatment, only to be the township village road would slide block. In the family anxious occasion, Nancheng police station Zhang Yi and two armed soldiers and 1 cadres rushed to the town, carrying the elderly tramp over mountains and through ravines more than 1 hours on foot, finally sent him to the town hospital for treatment. The "catfish" typhoon, the only road south Dehua Road South to the tower, Cheng Zhen Dou Cun Zao Keng Cun for slide blocked. After the danger occurred, the parties immediately rushed into the work. To ensure the safety of the masses and repair the smooth progress of the project, Nancheng station on the south road closed control, and arrange the police on duty shift. On the morning of September 30th, the police found an old woman standing on the edge of the warning line, looked very anxious, and went up to inquire. After understanding, the woman surnamed Zhang, is tadou village, her husband Zhang suffering from a sudden illness at home, have a fever, abdominal pain, very painful. Zhang uncle struggled out of the house, but was trapped in the mountains collapsed halfway. Aunt Zhang learned, quickly rushed from the county town, but there is no way to go in. After being informed of the situation, the police station immediately reported to the town government, organized personnel to implement rescue. Police Zhang Yi worked in the local for many years, more familiar with the personnel, terrain, he offered to lead the rescue. The old man’s condition is unknown, to save time, he led the 2 soldiers and 1 town cadres, braved the downward falling debris, scraped through the point of collapse. Safety after Uncle Zhang and he immediately made contact, that the other side has have a fever for more than a day, get from home to the point of collapse after exhaustion, and abdominal pain let him stand, let alone go through the dangerous point of collapse. Can you get around the collapse point and climb over the top of the mountain? The direction of the mountain forest is difficult to distinguish, if the direction is biased, will delay the treatment of the elderly. At this point, Zhang Yi was informed by an old population in a nearby village that there was a path from the bamboo forest at the top of the mountain to the point of collapse. The 4 immediately raised the old man to the top of the mountain. After a short walk, the old man became more and more difficult and difficult to walk. In order to send him to hospital as soon as possible, the 4 took turns back to the elderly, walked three or four kilometers mountain road, and eventually arrived in the township hospital. After examination, the elderly due to heat stroke caused by fever and abdominal pain, thanks to the timely delivery of the doctor, otherwise it is difficult to delay. Yesterday, the old man called Zhang Yi, is south of highway traffic. During the festival, he and the police station colleagues did not rest, always adhere to the front line to protect the safety of the masses travel. Reporter correspondent reporter Chen Minghua Pan Xinsha Zheng Wen / map Jianzhi (commissioning editor: Zhang, Wu Zhou?) 【抗灾人物】翻山越岭一个多小时 他们背着患病村民去求医–福建频道–人民网 原标题:【抗灾人物】翻山越岭一个多小时 他们背着患病村民去求医   民警背着患病村民穿越山路   昨日,德化南埕镇塔兜村62岁的张大爷特意打电话到南埕派出所,对民警等人在台风期间的热心救助表示感谢。原来,9月30日,老人突然患病,急需就医,村里通往镇区的唯一公路被溜方阻塞。就在家人焦急万分之际,南埕派出所民警张毅与两名武警战士和1名镇干部赶到,背着老人翻山越岭徒步1个多小时,终于将他送到镇卫生院救治。   受“鲇鱼”台风影响,德化南埕镇通往塔兜村、枣坑村的唯一公路南塔公路因溜方受阻。险情发生后,各方随即投入抢通工作。   为保障群众的安全以及抢修工程的顺利进行,南埕派出所对南塔公路进行封闭管制,并安排民警轮班值守。   9月30日上午,民警发现一位老大娘站在警戒线边上,神情十分焦虑,就上前询问。经了解,这位大娘姓张,是塔兜村村民,她的老伴张大爷在家里患了急病,发烧、腹痛,十分痛苦。张大爷挣扎着从家里走出来,却被塌方的山体拦在了半路。张大娘得知后,急忙从县城赶过来,却没有办法进去。   获悉情况后,派出所立即向镇政府报告,组织人员实施营救。民警张毅在当地工作多年,对人员、地形较为熟悉,他主动提出带队救援。由于老人病情不明,为节约时间,他带领2名武警战士和1名镇干部,冒着不断往下滚落的泥石,涉险穿过塌方点。   安全通过后,他马上与张大爷取得了联系,得知对方已发烧一天多,从家中走到塌方点后体力不支,且腰腹的阵阵疼痛让他站都站不稳,更别说是从危险的塌方点穿越过去。能不能绕过塌方点,从山顶爬过去?山林中方向难辨,如果方向走偏了,将会延误老人的治疗。   就在这时,张毅从附近村落一位老人口中得知,还有一条小路可以从山顶的竹林绕过塌方点。4人当即扶起老人向山顶出发。走了没多久,老人病痛加剧,步履维艰。为了尽快将他送医,4人就轮流背起老人,走了三四公里山路,最终及时赶到镇卫生院。经检查,老人由于中暑引起发烧与腹痛,幸亏及时送医,否则再拖延下去就很难说了。   昨日,老人打来电话时,张毅正在南塔公路疏导交通。节日期间,他和派出所的同事都没有休息,一直坚守在一线保障群众的出行安全。   □本报记者 陈明华 通讯员 潘新厦 郑剑智 文/图 (责编:张?、吴舟)相关的主题文章: