Castle Peak early on a wrong bus driver lost her daughter because of enthusiastic

Castle Peak early on a wrong bus driver lost her daughter because of enthusiasm to help the day before yesterday, a mother and daughter on the wrong bus because the bus driver and separated, thanks to the enthusiastic help to reunite. November 1st is the exam period pupils in Hongqiao District days, more than 7 o’clock in the morning, Ms. Zhang took his 9 year old daughter came out, dingzigu thirteen bus station, when the morning peak hours to drive to the station, Ms. Zhang looked at the 800 road is about to stop, I took two bus card, the daughter said: "you are a mother, a car, so you won’t lose time." Ms. Zhang said, turn carrying trolley bags daughter of the 800 on the road, but the car did not find her figure, she hurried out of the car, but found the car was not the daughter, Ms. Zhang anxious, in the crowd kept calling for her daughter, daughter where? Are you on another vehicle? Led by the bad guys? Do you want to call the police? Or should we notify the family soon? Or hurry to the school to see? The more I think of the brain, the more endless the brain flashes, but I don’t know which one is the most feasible. The only thing she can do is to ask the passers-by around the station if anyone has seen her daughter. On the other side, the bus driver Wang Daxin driving the 34 bus, a little girl in the car after the vehicle is started and found no mother, immediately started crying, well intentioned passengers have to help out, shouted a few times to confirm the child’s mother is not in the car, the car at the moment has arrived at the next station, a man of fifty or sixty the girl would pull off: "go, I take you to see your mom!" The girl obediently followed him to get off, the driver Wang Daxin pulled the girl to the side: "master, you want to get off, go down, do not take the child go, she can not be lost in my car, I will help her to contact the family."." The girl was still crying, and Wang Daxin comforted her, "don’t cry, you’re beside your uncle. You can’t miss it."." "I’m going to have a midterm today."." The girl cried. "Do you know your mother’s phone number?"" "Know"!" The girl rattle off her mobile phone number, Wang Daxin immediately dialed the phone, Ms. Zhang learned that in the vicinity, explain the circumstances, passengers are very complex to wait for the arrival of the girl’s mother, Ms. Zhang soon came to see her daughter, after a new king hold master’s hand: "thank you! Thank you very much!" Tears were flowing recklessly on Ms. Zhang’s face. Wang Daxin hurried to comfort: "what also don’t say, children have lost it. Take your child to school. Don’t be late for the exam!" After that, Wang quickly returned to the car and continued to put into operation. [reporter Xing Shan correspondent Gao Jing]

津城早高峰母女因上错车走散 公交司机热情相助   前天,一对母女由于上错公交车而走散,幸亏公交车司机热情相助才得以团聚。   11月1日是红桥区小学生期中考试的日子,早上7点多,张女士就带着9岁的女儿出门了,来到丁字沽十三段公交站,正值早高峰时段的车站人来车往,张女士看了看800路即将进站,于是拿出两张公交卡,对女儿说:“你一张,妈妈一张,这样上车的时候就不耽误时间了。”说着,张女士转身提着女儿的拉杆书包上了800路,却发现车上并没有女儿的身影,她急忙又下了车,却发现车下也没有女儿,这下,张女士着急了,在人群中不停地呼唤寻找着女儿,女儿哪去了?上了别的车辆了?被坏人领走了?要不要报警?还是赶快通知家人?抑或赶紧到学校看看?越想脑子越乱,无数种方法不停地在脑中闪现,却不知哪一种最可行,她唯一能做的就是在车站周边不停地向路人询问是否有人看到她的女儿。   另一边,公交驾驶员王大新驾驶的34路公交车上,一个小女孩在车辆启动后发现车上没有妈妈,当即吓哭了,好心的乘客纷纷帮助出主意,喊了几遍确认孩子的妈妈不在车上,此刻车已到达下一站,一位五六十岁的男子拉着女孩就要下车:“走,我带你找你妈妈去!”女孩顺从地跟着他要下车,司机王大新一把将女孩拉到身边:“师傅,您要下车自己下去,别带孩子走,她在我车上丢不了,我会帮她联系家人的。”女孩还在不停地哭着,王大新安慰道:“别哭别哭啊,你就在叔叔身边,丢不了的。”“我今天要期中考试的。”女孩边哭边说。“那你知道你妈妈的电话吗?”“知道!”女孩流利地背出母亲的手机号码,王大新即刻拨通了电话,得知张女士就在附近,讲明情况后,车上乘客都非常配合地等候着女孩母亲的到来,很快张女士赶了过来,见到女儿后,一把握住王大新师傅的手:“谢谢您!太谢谢您了!”眼泪在张女士的脸上肆意地流淌着。王大新急忙劝慰:“什么也别说了,孩子没丢就行。快带着孩子去上学,考试可别晚了!”说完,王师傅迅速回到车上继续投入运营。【记者 邢珊 通讯员 高静】相关的主题文章: