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Careers-Employment Do you know about the hotel management? And how much you know about it? Hotel management also recognized as hospitality management. The hospitality or hotel management course has been be.e popular when there is a growth in tourism industry. The growth of tourism industry has brought a bright future to those who interest to involve in this industry. This course .passes field of work and study. It is a field of work which including the management of hotels, travel agencies, restaurants, services, and others. The course en.pass the study of food and beverage, housekeeping, accounting, marketing, recreating, public relations, maintenance, financial management and others which needed in hotel. Through studying or taking the course of hotel management, besides working in the hotel, but also able to work in restaurants, recreation, hospital administration and catering, tourism, catering department in governments or banking or insurance house, food and beverage production and others. It shows that there are many career options available for those grandaunts of hospitality management. Most of the career options are service-oriented and personnel quality required but it also included the administrative jobs such as front office assistants, secretaries, accountants and so on. Being involved in the hotel industry, it could be fun and exciting industry where you expose yourself to different level of people from various countries. The personnel quality and service are critical in this industry where people .e for hotels for a place of resting and asking relaxation and home feelings. To be one of the team crews of the hotel, you have to make sure that guests are pleasant with the hotel services. Thus, it only considers that you are done what you should do and should deliver to the guests. As conclusion, career in hotel management are various from administrative to the service oriented tasks, it is challenging and exciting. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: