Bright black iPhone 7 supply normal Yellow Cattle scattered

Bright black iPhone 7 normal supply: cattle Tuisan although the previous NOKIA technology to shedding the ridicule, but to say shedding, the current mainstream mobile phone manufacturers are not playing the 6 from apple, tuhao gold rose gold to the bright black, this year released a new bright black is no surprise as the most popular color version. IPhone 7 full version as the most popular version of the normal supply and demand phenomenon appeared in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus bright black on sale early, and with the recently ended and 11 double time to market gradually stretched, various versions of the iPhone 7 at the apple official network has gradually restored, including 7 iPhone all have the spot purchase version. It is a pity that iPhone 7 Plus is currently in the official website of the delivery time is 3-4 weeks, but still 11 double preheating, believe in some business platform will still have a small amount of cash supply, in addition, after the online booking through the official website to the store to buy, want to buy iPhone 7 Plus users may wish to take note.相关的主题文章: