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Born in Xinjiang, I’m serious – Sohu tourism from 9 to October is the most beautiful season in Xinjiang not only the yearning in the dream but in your plans in Chinese have the most beautiful autumn because not careful you will fall in love with it and don’t want to go. Say a word painting, know the world, between the lines of the imagination, touch the inner beauties are so let people yearning. Autumn in Xinjiang, every tree and Bush all scenery. From the endless road and the blue sky to the colors of autumn, from not so thorough. Every touch of golden like the sun through the sun, emitting a taste of joy. The autumn of Xinjiang is deep, thick and strong. A man called eyes reluctant to look away, always feel more in autumn here than in the city some is pure, clean color, the color is free. Thorough stream extreme, the stone in the water singing, moss in the water dance, you always want to reach out to take up a handful of water, or lying on the stone washed water getv. A white birch, a tall girl slim, bright yellow leaves bright shining, as the autumn wind, falling leaves, like the girls in a low whisper. On the way to Xinjiang, the eyes did not dare to stop for a moment. After sunset the moment, watching a scene scenery backwards from the window, when you are in one, just want more time around every corner, returning to the heart to feel comfortable and clean. You wanted to leave everything in the camera, but in the end to stay in their memories…… Xinjiang line will go to 9 places of Kanas Lake in Kanas is one of your life must go to a place, is a must in late September or early 10 months of the golden autumn to revel, is never regret after you’ve been to, you will also place the lifelong memories and continue recommend the. "Kanas" is Mongolian, meaning "beautiful and mysterious", here the spectacular glaciers silhouetted against the quiet lake, the vast grassland contains deep forest. The mysterious lake monster and the ancient people of Tuva, transform lake and the dazzling scenery are fascinating. Autumn is the most beautiful season in Kanas, cenglinjinran, colorful, dizzying, picturesque scenery — along the Kanas River and retrograde, downstream water pouring down in the valley, meandering mountain, red, yellow and white birch tree Sorbus, green coniferous trees against the blue sky, layers, colorful, Kanas is the autumn of a meaningful painting. This beauty in appearance is not at your painting experience, you must personally visit, into the painting, to fully get totally different perception, said this could be your life in one of the highest regarded rabbit is not too much to enjoy. Hemu Hemu village is a beautiful village is surrounded by mountains and rivers, white birch, is the northernmost town in Western Chinese, is to keep the most complete traditional Chinese Tuvinians centralized residence life, is one of the famous people of Tuva village. Early in the morning in the morning: Hemu Hemu tours in the morning is Kanas’s most famous wins)相关的主题文章: