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Bonus: Iceland to dig deep bottom layer of magma heat – Sohu [Technews] the Atlantic science and technology science news along the middle of a ridge, the seabed from here to the two sides will crack, plate push, expanding in the Atlantic, while the hot magma from coming out of Iceland, which is the ridge out of magma accumulation the volcano island, the geothermal resources of Iceland people and richly endowed by nature, on the development of geothermal quite bold actively, August 2016 Iceland plans to dig deep excavation (Iceland Deep Drilling Project, IDDP) to direct magma layer, now 5 km deep mining. The general plan of geothermal power generation is mostly to be drilled mantle magma heat rock, Iceland deep excavation plan is intended to use the ridge itself is located in geographical location, direct penetration into the magma to go inside, creating the highest temperature geothermal drilling wells, the temperature can reach 400~1000 degrees Celsius, the pressure is more than 200 times the atmospheric pressure. Drilling site is located in Iceland southwest of Reykjavik Martinez Peninsula, began drilling in August 12, 2016, has drilled 5 kilometers deep, is expected to be completed by the end of 2016. Planning staff said that under high temperature and pressure, water will become supercritical steam state, this state is neither liquid nor gas, and has great energy, the wells can produce 50 million watts of power (megawatt), 10 times of geothermal wells 5 million watts, will supply 50 thousand household electricity. This plan is an inspiration from the 2009 drilling in the northeast of Iceland, at Kelafula volcano geothermal drilling area of 2 km deep, because the rock is too thin, even accidentally drilled into the magma inside, since they went, just look at the water power generation capacity, the results up to 30 million watts, one of Iceland’s most powerful geothermal wells, but not the well and connected to the Iceland power grid, and was soon closed because of corrosion problems. With the experience of the last time, this time, Iceland intends to take the heat of magma, hoping to create long-term stable power supply. At present, Iceland has been fully powered by renewable energy, however, is the main power source of hydroelectric power, 3/4 of the total electricity consumption in Iceland, hope that if we can grasp magmatic geothermal power generation technology, will greatly enhance the geothermal power generation, at the same time, also plans the technology is mature, can be exported to the countries in the world have a young volcano. (the first figure source: IDDP) for more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews Science News相关的主题文章: