Blackberry, goodbye! Announced the sale of mobile phones to sell software – People’s Hainan window –pppd-175

Blackberry, goodbye! Announced the shutdown of mobile phone selling software — Hainan windows,   according to Taiwan’s United Daily News reported on September 28th, the Canadian Blackberry mobile phone business (BlackBerry) said on the 28, the internal will stop the development of intelligent mobile phone, the focus turned to the software partnership, highlighting the company’s mobile phone business is difficult to reverse into its predicament. BlackBerry CEO Cheng Shouzong said in a statement: BlackBerry plans to terminate the phone’s internal hardware development, outsourcing to partners, which not only allows us to reduce capital requirements, but also enhance the return on investment capital." According to reports, BlackBerry has stopped production of intelligent mobile phone plan for a period of time, the company had previously launched Al Carter (Alcatel) modified version of the DTEK50 mobile phone, and has begun to provide a number of mobile phone software used in other Android devices. Cheng Shouzong has also said that if the BlackBerry can not make mobile phone business profits, they will withdraw from the cause. BlackBerry also said that last quarter net loss of $372 million, or net loss per share of 71 cents, while revenues of $334 million. Regardless of the specific items, the last quarter profit and loss of two flat, adjusted revenues of $352 million. (commissioning editor Lu Shaoxiong and Jiang Chengliu)相关的主题文章: