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Bill?? Mrs. Gates won the 2016 Presidential Medal of freedom – Sohu technology recently, the White House announced this year’s Presidential Medal of freedom (Presidential Medal of Freedom) of the 21 winners, Microsoft Corp founder Bill · Gates and his wife Melinda · Gates among them. The Presidential Medal of freedom on behalf of the United States’ highest civilian honor, the winner is often the person who have made outstanding contributions to American national interests and world peace, security, culture and public utility; this medal by the president of the United States issued a year. The Presidential Medal of freedom Bill · the couple won the award, thanks to their charity in all of the things that have been done by the Gates. In January 2000, Gates set up a couple in their name Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, referred to as the Gates Foundation), the foundation is a non-profit, in order to promote the healthy development of global health, reducing extreme poverty, and to promote the popularization of education and information technology in the United States in. In 2005, Bill ·, in London, England to celebrate his 50 birthday, announced that he would not be in politics, tens of billions of dollars of wealth will be donated to the community, will not be left as a legacy to the children of the world. In 2008, Bill · Gates from the Microsoft Corp’s affairs out, put more energy into the Gates foundation. From the establishment to the present, the Gates foundation has contributed more than $36 billion in foreign donations. In addition to Bill · Gates, this year’s 21 winners also include ·,,, ·,,, ·, and so on, by Mr. Degeneres and others. For their win, Barack Obama said: the Presidential Medal of freedom is not only the United States’ highest civilian honor, it is also a tribute to all people, regardless of philosophy: from where, have the opportunity to make this country a better place. Scientists, civil servants, philanthropist, activist, athletes and artists of the 21 winners, they promote the development of the United States, also inspired the world tens of thousands of people. It is reported that the awards ceremony will be held at the White House in November 22nd, awarded by President Obama personally. Title: PBS # welcomed the attention from the love child norm WeChat certified public number: AppSolution (micro signal: appsolution), found that the essence of cool new applications. Love fan children | original link view comments · Sina · micro-blog相关的主题文章: