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Beijing: 120 key business credit of 6 billion 30 million yuan – Finance – original title: 120 key business revenue 6 billion 30 million yuan of National Day holiday, the city’s consumer goods market prosperity and active, strong festive atmosphere. Adequate supply of grain, vegetables, pork and other necessities market supply stable. During the holidays, the Municipal Commission of Commerce focused on the monitoring of the 120 business services companies achieved sales of 6 billion 30 million yuan, an increase of 7.7%. The National Day holiday, the city and district level two Department of Commerce and business enterprises to make full use of the "golden nine silver ten" National Day holiday shopping season and business opportunities, to carry out marketing activities to promote the consumption of rich and colorful. In the fourth Beijing Huimin cultural consumption season, Taobao Cloisonne old objects set, Wukesong Sports cultural consumption season, leduo gangjing color carnival, theater building jingweier cultural consumption of festival activities, led the cultural consumer market. International Food Festival through international cultural performances and food show, interactive display and other activities of western enterprises, showing international cuisine, stimulating food consumption. Wangfujing international brand festival held in Dongcheng District, autumn 2016 shopping season, Haidian District held the brand consumption Festival, Fengtai District held the seventh shopping carnival, Shijingshan District held the seventh Jingxi consumer Festival, Miyun District held fish King delicacy festival…… Around the capital through the commodity sale, catwalk, field experience and so on, to stimulate consumer enthusiasm. In the major shopping malls, consumer experience and interactive consumption has become a new bright spot, shopping, catering, leisure and entertainment, parenting and other functions in one of the shopping center, attracting a large number of people went to the outlet. In Yintai Center, all over the mall scene interactive devices, so that consumers feel the rich artistic atmosphere. Iicg shopping center held "eleven wins" activities, more than and 20 activities involving food, parenting, yoga, gaming sector. The first two were launched, Seth Oteri J floats performances, shopping discounts and other activities. According to statistics, the 7 day holiday, Jin Yuan MALL, new Yansha Aotelaisi enterprises such as an increase in sales of more than 10%. Old restaurant, mass catering consumption warming every section. During the holiday, wedding banquet, feast, feast, feast relatives and tourism, Quanjude, DongLaiShun, Alex Hua Tian and many other time-honored catering enterprises and Meizhou Dongpo, gold chain, sipping Xiabu public catering enterprises attendance of more than 90%. Especially the "eleven" before reloading opened Liuquan habitat Fanzhuang, during the festival consumption set off a small climax, every meal point are arranging allelic scenes. According to the Commission of Commerce monitoring, holiday 7 days, cheap square, Qingfeng baozi Pu, Meizhou Dongpo restaurant and other catering enterprises turnover rose more than 10%. National Day is home improvement spending season, large and medium, Gome, Suning and other household electrical appliance enterprises on the basis of holiday promotions, increase energy conservation and emission reduction policies to promote the intensity of subsidies. Suning held "seven day National Day holiday fun activities, enjoy government subsidies for energy-saving products can also enjoy Suning corporate subsidies, the highest total discount of 1600 yuan. The 7 day holiday, Gome, lanjinglijia enterprises such as an increase in sales of more than 10%. In addition, the consumption of wedding related goods is relatively concentrated,相关的主题文章: