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Asset allocation era FOF investment manager explain the future prospects – fund channel industry highly anticipated public offering FOF guidelines officially released on the afternoon of September 23rd. With the official release of the Commission to raise public securities investment fund operating guidelines second – Fund in the Fund (FOF), raised FOF officially set sail. With high threshold brokerage, private FOF, etc., raised FOF can not only meet the needs of high net worth clients asset allocation, but will benefit the majority of ordinary investors. FOF is a highly cost-effective product, FOF guidelines compared with the previous draft basic content remains unchanged, but in detail the specific provisions of the supplement." GF fund asset allocation investment manager Lu Jingchang introduction, FOF guidelines specify the "fund fund" refers to more than 80% of the fund’s assets invested in public funds, which indicates that FOF fund investment targets only raised funds, raised the FOF form of the product will be more pure, easy for customers to distinguish FOF the fund and other fund products. A FOF holds the single fund market, the guidelines prescribed in the FOF holds a single fund shall not exceed 20% of the net assets of the fund investment. In this regard, Lu Jingchang believes that the new provisions will make the further dispersion of FOF investment targets, help to improve the mobility of FOF products. At the same time, the impact of the size of the investment fund is relatively small. In the FOF guidelines, the concern is that the public offering of FOF products to achieve the maximum possible reduction rate in the operation and management, not only to reduce the management fee, and will also be hosting fees, subscription and redemption fees are reduced, and the management fee waiver is FOF level, rather than investment the sub fund management fees. In this regard, Lu Jingchang believes that the future introduction of the internal FOF is a very high price for investors, fund companies not only provide sub fund management services, and asset allocation and variety selection of value-added services provided at the top, but the fund did not charge more for the management and operation cost. Overall, the purpose of raising the FOF is to achieve a stable income through investment fund portfolio to achieve a large class of asset allocation. Lu Jingchang introduced, FOF has different risk properties, due to the moderate risk, moderate income are relatively scarce, so the GF fund focused on strengthening the development of the level of risk in the asset allocation of FOF products, type FOF and type FOF class absolute return, the former is characteristic of multi asset strategies, moderate volatility, long term returns the latter is high, relatively low volatility, low withdrawal, steady income. Such products are higher than the average long-term income in the market of financial products and bond assets, suitable for investors to invest in long-term steady style or pension configuration. As for institutional investors, Lu said, GF fund can be customized according to their needs. Get ready for battle, FOF reserve personnel and strategy according to the reporter, FOF professional investment requirements are very high, not only relates to the categories of asset allocation, top-down screening and dynamic adjustment of the fund portfolio fund, but also need to do battle according to the market situation.相关的主题文章: