Arbonne International Review – Arbonne Has Changed The Image Of The Skin Care Products

Home-Based-Business In an ever-changing "Green" world, we are still occupied by dangerous chemical materials in skin and beauty products. However, Arbonne International is actually changing the face of the industry with their all-natural botanical and herbal skin care products. Now you can be.e one of their very well respected Consultants and start selling Arbonne products as a part-time or full-time business. History Arbonne International began in 1975 in Switzerland by Petter Mrck. In addition to his efforts, other top herbalists, bio-chemists and biologists produced skin care products based on botanical principals. They sought to make natural products that were superior in quality, effectiveness, safety, and value. The .pany broadened internationally reaching the United States about 1980. American headquarters are located in Irvine, California, where the main warehouse for independent distribution is located as well. Annual sales are around $35 million, rivaling even Mary Kay and Avon. Products Arbonne products incorporate safe interior and exterior products for health and beauty. They supply premium quality skin care, nutritional, cosmetic, and aromatherapy products. Arbonne products are all vegan certified. Testing for their formulas are never done on animals and consist of all-natural herbal and botanical ingredients. Arbonne believes in .plete disclosure and continues to supply full ingredient lists for all their products. Arbonne’s main line of products is: Color cosmetics Acne care products Anti-aging and skin creams Baby care products (creams, oils, washes and lotions) Weight loss products Nutritional vitamins and supplements Every product line is continually tested for safety and ongoing improvement standards. Structure and Distribution The distribution outlet chosen by Arbonne is the use of network of Independent Consultants. The high level of Arbonne principals are incorporated in the training each Consultant receives. Consultants are provided with cash and product rewards, sales incentives, travel opportunity and a SuccessPlan to help them reach their in.e goals. When a Consultant signs up, they receive training and support immediately. A stringent Independent Consultant code of ethics is required to be maintained by every Consultant. You can be.e an Arbonne Independent Consultant on 2 different levels; Preferred Client or Consultant. Preferred Clients are required to purchase a $29 starter kit, which includes a catalog, manual, brochure and product samples. They additionally receive 20% discount on products. The Preferred Client also has access to monthly product specials and promotions. For a new consultant, they have to purchase a starter kit ($109) containing basic items including marketing aids; action plans, presentation charts, and prospecting packs. The starter pack also includes a carry bag, product samples. Those who want to start at the Consultant level receive 35% discount off purchased products. From either of these two starting positions; individuals can advance to higher positions, such as area manager and regional vice president. Not only can a consultant receive .missions on products sales, they can also qualify for downline .missions and bonuses from the MLM team sales efforts. If you are interested in health and beauty products that are safe for individuals and family, then an Arbonne Independent Consultant may be for you. The support and encouragement from the Arbonne people make this an enjoyable and lucrative business opportunity is pointed out by previous Consultants. Maybe today is the day you want to join them! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: