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Last night the apple press conference, Super Mario Run to grab the limelight in the end is a kind of game? – Conference on iPhone7 technology Sohu yesterday all about mobile phone all the expected, excessive exposure without any surprise. But suddenly appeared in the press conference site Miyamoto Shige and his Mario became the biggest surprise. In the fall of 2016 Apple conference Nintendo first released its first national level IP iOS game, it is reported that Nintendo announced in the classic game "super Mario" will enter the AppStore app store, Nintendo’s American depositary shares rose more than 28%. Last night’s conference, perhaps Nintendo became the biggest winner. "SUPER MARIO RUN" has not yet introduced half success, this looks like a Parkour game in the end? It is better to come about Parkour eat gold, did not think you are like Mario from the scene of the game screen demonstration conference last night, SUPER MARIO RUN is just a simple Parkour game, yes, Pingbian and similar "cross" ran ran a day eat coins set. In fact, I see this game mode is always refused, good Mario IP was actually made such a game…… And look at the outflow of these screenshots, I really don’t believe this is a game maker Nintendo’s handwriting, this picture seems to feel even my 5 year old brother is not willing to play. So, Nintendo, you really just to stand on a platform, so that the stock price up on a floating? Nintendo to enter the hand travel? The "SUPER MARIO RUN" may be a signal that Nintendo entered the Mobile Games, to know before Nintendo is rarely own games on other devices launched, not to mention the Mario national IP. IOS platform before this has only been called a "Miitomo" dating software (related articles), can not be regarded as a game. I believe this year in the limelight elf treasure can dream of jaw dropping as to the success of the Nintendo signal, when these classic IP at the end of the tour platform increasingly unpopular, migration may be a good way to end tour. Let them shine again. What time can play a SUPER last night MARIO RUN just pre release, but also really can play a few months before, but the appointment notice function of App inside the Store, you can make an appointment in advance, there will be a push notification when you officially released. At the same time the Android version is there, but in the Google Play date has not been announced, but Nintendo says there is a certain Android version, so many Android party Mario fans do not have to worry too much. But pay attention to the central area of App Store No.相关的主题文章: