Animation industry fully take off 10 shares absolutely undervalued 7470d

The animation industry fully take off 10 shares absolutely underestimate the animation game industry to develop the derivatives market opportunities in 2016 international animation game industry expo held in Beijing exhibition hall. The exhibition will be a comprehensive pattern of new ideas, give full play to the advantages of the platform, support the original animation products, deepen the domestic and foreign animation and game cooperation, further promote the rapid development of China’s animation industry. From a global perspective, the United States and Japan are the animation industry. Research and Markets statistics show that from 2010 to 2014, the number of Japanese animation film production as high as 110, the United States to the production of the top second in the number of other countries, the number of animation output are less than 50 of the Department of the 109. Among them, the United States is the world’s most complete animation industry chain, animation and derivatives annual output value of more than $200 billion, accounting for nearly 1/3 of its total output value of the cultural industry. The prosperity of the animation industry in the United States led to the development of the animation industry, and the development of the game software, books, toys, clothing and accessories. Data show that the United States has more than 100 billion U.S. animation online game industry scale. In addition, the Japanese animation industry in recent years, the rapid development of a large number of comics magazine category, accounting for about 30% of the total circulation of the magazine. Global television broadcast of the animation program, the Japanese origin of animation accounted for nearly 60%. At present, the development of animation industry in China is still in its infancy, and there is a big gap between the well-known animation companies. With the continuous development of China’s animation industry, as well as the recognition of the classic cartoon image, the output value of China’s animation industry is gradually rising. Statistics show that the Ministry of culture, China’s animation industry output value has exceeded 110 billion yuan last year, the annual compound growth rate of up to 20%, is expected to 2017 output value is expected to exceed $140 billion. In addition, last year, China’s animation games, publications, toys, books, clothing and other derivatives market value reached 38 billion yuan, accounting for about 34.5% of the animation market. Animation industry chain can be divided into original works, dissemination and distribution of derivatives. Among them, the animation derivatives market size is often higher than the overall size of the animation content market. Disney, an animation giant, for example, derivatives, theme parks, interactive entertainment and other businesses occupy more than 80% of the entire animation business, which is the highest profit derivatives sales. With the increase of policy support, as well as the rapid spread of the Internet, the development of derivatives will become an important breakthrough in the growth of China’s animation industry. The policy in November last year, the Ministry of Culture issued the "notice" on the 2015 national animation brand building and protection plans to declare the work, has a leading role in the development of animation industry, animation brand building protection, support potential growth for the construction of animation and creative animation brand, through animation brand building and development, steady growth to promote the consumption of animation industry, play a role, and further promote the social capital investment in the animation industry. In addition, the State Council issued the "on the promotion of cultural and creative design services and industrial development of the integration of a number of opinions", the depth of excavation of outstanding cultural resources, push.相关的主题文章: