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Hair-Loss Dr. Rohit Nayyar spills the beans on myths and facts about hair transplant. Many people are skeptical about hair transplant. What bothers them are the procedures employed in hair transplantation surgery. Dr. Rohit, a well-known hair transplant surgeon explains the process of hair translation, "There are various unfortunate factors that result in hair loss. For example, hereditary hair loss cases are more as compared to those resulted by other factors of hair loss". "Scalp diseases and lifestyle diseases contribute too". Serving health care industry since 20 years, Dr.Nayyar understands the nuances of hair transplant profession. The myths about hair transplant have existed since the introduction of the technology. Several myths and facts have been discussed below: Myth: People with serious scalp problems only, need to opt for hair transplant. Fact: The most common type of hair loss like common balding, male and female pattern balding, which is due to hormones, can be treated through hair transplant. Serious Scalp problems alone are not the cause to hair loss. The lifestyle diseases may also cause hair loss. Myth: A donor must be required to donate the hair yet it might get rejected. Fact: "You don’t really need a donor. In majority of the cases, the recipient is the donor," explains Mr. Rohit. Severe and extreme burn cases may require a separate donor. For example, treatment for male balding utilizes hair on the side and back of the head. Being less volatile to testosterone, they have a firm grasp. The process includes removing a strip of scalp and transplanting hair follicles to bald areas. Rarely do you find any difficulty after hair transplant. Myth: The rich can only afford hair transplants Fact: Dr. Nayyar’s, hair transplant clinic is known for hair transplantation in Delhi. "We have patients who earlier believed hair transplantation was a costly procedure. We are glad, we could change their perception" says smiling Dr. Nayyar. Some additional facts about hair transplant are as follows: 1.In a usual lifecycle a regular person has 50000 – 1 lakh follicular units. 2.50% of these units can be mislaid without an obvious change. 3.Due to Androgenic Alopecia 75% of the follicles are expected to be missing. 4.This obviously conveys that 37500 out of 50000 will be shed and we are left with only 12500. 5.Out of these 12500 only 6250 are obtainable for transplantation. 6.Thereby 6250 units will cover a region where at least 37500 were covering earlier hair density. Still got questions about hair transplantation? Get more information @ About the Author: 相关的主题文章: