Amazon founder plans to develop reusable rocket launch in 2020 (video)

Amazon founder plans to develop a reusable rocket thrust in 2020 launch of the blue origin of the new Glen rockets (right two to the right of the four) compared with the other several rockets. Xinhua news agency, Washington, September 12 Xinhua (reporter Lin Xiaochun) by the U.S. e-commerce giant Amazon Co founder Geoff · Bezos Created Blue origin company, 12, launched an aspiring reusable high thrust rocket development plan. The rocket, which was first launched in 2020, will eventually send commercial satellites and astronauts to near earth orbit and even deep space, as an important vehicle for commercial launch in the United states. At present, the billionaire Elon · space exploration technologies create musk is considered as the representative of the enterprise business space launch, has been in the land and sea has successfully recovered the Falcon 9 rocket first stage, its ultimate goal is to reduce launch costs by recycling the rocket, to seize the commercial launch market. Blue origin of the "new Shepard" rocket has carried out a number of successful recovery is similar, but it is difficult to recover the suborbital flight rocket can perform below orbit mission "Falcon 9", so the emission strength blue origin is considered just a little bit worse, it plans to develop a new type of high thrust rocket high hopes. Blue originated from the new launch station in Florida. Bezos day in the mail to reporters who introduced, according to plan, the new rocket will in 2020 in Florida before the first launch base in cape. As to the first flight around the world the American astronaut John · Green tribute, it was named as the "new Green", 7 meters in diameter, using 7 driven by natural gas and oxygen as fuel BE4 engine, the total thrust reached 1750 tons. United launch alliance company is developing a new generation of rocket "Vulcan" will also use this engine. "New Green" will have two and three versions of the two. Bezos attached a message of various types of rocket "height" diagram shows, "new Green" was significantly higher than that of its main rival in the future, including the United Launch Alliance "delta 4" heavy rocket and Vulcan, the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and being developed Falcon heavy rockets. Bezos said, "new Green" absorption of the "new" rocket reusable design experience, the first level after the launch of the vertical landing on the ground for recycling, the use of. Among them, two versions of 82 meters high, the second level by a single BE 4 engine driven, the commercial satellite and launch to orbit; three version of 95 meters high, before two structure and two versions of similar, but the third level by the BE 3 liquid rocket engine driven, the load of hair to shoot beyond low earth orbit. "Our vision is millions of human life and work in space," Green "is a very important step," Bezos wrote, "of course, we are not the end, our next step is the blueprint of" new Armstrong ", but that is the story of the." A week earlier, the main blue origin of competitors, in recent years, the rapid development of space arrows相关的主题文章: