AI summit held in China to create artificial intelligence Valley heights – Sohu

The AI summit, China sound Valley create artificial intelligence industry – Sohu of science and technology in September 21st, Chinese sound Valley · investment promotion and artificial intelligence industry forum held in Shenzhen China Hilton. Live invited 8 international top investment partner, 6 domestic first-class field of artificial intelligence CEO, a keynote speech and roundtable dialogue at the summit site, in-depth study of the new trend of the field of artificial intelligence in venture capital in 2016. In addition, there are also the field of artificial intelligence in the field of 400+ founder, 100 well-known investors in the industry, the media to participate in the summit, and speakers and in-depth dialogue and exchange. The field of artificial intelligence gathering venture by the Department of the provincial Office of the leading group, the Hefei Municipal Commission by letter, the national hi tech Zone in Hefei co sponsored by the Anhui Provincial Information Industry Klc Holdings Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "the Anhui letter"), Beijing science and technology limited company to undertake the venture of grape. At the meeting, representatives of the local government of Hefei, Anhui interpreted the letter of recommendation to President Qi Dongfeng China sound Valley Project on industrial investment environment, investment prospects of IDG Capital Partners Zhu Jianhuan on artificial intelligence in-depth interpretation, and pointed out that "now is the golden age of artificial intelligence business", in addition, the thunder founder. Sonhwa capital founder Cheng Hao, Anhui Yuanwang letter President Qi Dongfeng, Morningside Capital Partners Zhang Fei, founder of Qiu Nan Ji Zhiyun, founder of the Yellow Setaria Zhuodeng field of artificial intelligence, entrepreneurs and investors have pulled out private entrepreneurs and the presence of dry cargo, and investors to share. The summit Roundtable forum site, the vertical field of artificial intelligence industry entrepreneurs and investors to share the automatic driving, voice interaction, data analysis, virtual reality technology and other aspects of innovation and investment highlights, trends of the field of artificial intelligence in 2016 the in-depth interpretation. From the point of view of the summit site, the so-called capital of the winter, did not affect the entrepreneurial enthusiasm in the field of artificial intelligence, AI venture capital in the various segments also continue to have a large number of investment and financing projects. "Chinese sound Valley" the implementation of the letter and the operator of Anhui 8 enterprises signed a strategic cooperation letter of intent, will carry out cooperation on key projects for admission. Contracted companies are: Beijing will Fruit Technology Co., Heyou Zhijing Technology Co. Ltd., Shenzhen cloud animal union Technology Limited company, United States University emergency first-aid equipment project, Shenzhen intelligent Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen s.viridis Jingang ant Robot Technology Co Ltd, Beijing Ying Shun Technology Service Limited by Share Ltd, Shenzhen all intelligent technology company 8 outstanding outstanding enterprises in the field of artificial intelligence. It is reported that the "Chinese sound Valley Park in Anhui province can enjoy" 1+6+2 "," 1+3+5 ", Hefei high tech Zone" 2+2 "and other related industry support policies, can also enjoy the" China sound Valley "in the development of the park policy. The conference has not only brought the latest trends in the field of artificial intelligence interpretation and first-hand entrepreneurial experience sharing, as well as the latest government policy analysis. In terms of financial innovation, the Ministry of the province each year, nearly 500 million yuan of investment funds in the province and city,.相关的主题文章: