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My mother died 23 years after a traffic police girl Trinidad police father " " – Beijing Fuyuan County Street 23 years ago, a car accident so that a little girl lost only — mother, Fuyuan Police Brigade became her temporary home, 3 traffic police brigade into her "family"; 23 years later, in 2016 October 28th at noon, thousands of miles away after she was removed to find the obsession of the "family", when a "father" is called the exit, the two ends of the phone has been sobbing…… The traffic police accident took the girl mother into a child family, one day in September 1993, Qujing Fuyuan County street accident occurred, resulting in a middle-aged woman died of his wounds, leaving 6 year old daughter alone wandering in the street. When the Fuyuan County Traffic Police Brigade captain Shi Chuankun commanded the two young police Lei Xueliang, Yao Zhengfang temporarily responsible for the girl living, so two people who had married police day with Li Wei to work night with her home. More than 3 months of the two traffic police to stay together morning and night, her family member, she affectionately called "Uncle Yao Zhengfang", "Dad said Lei Xue liang". After making inquiries, linked to the Li Wei Grandpa grandmother, living in the courtyard of the police Fuyuan Li Wei came to an end, but a "thank you" has been hidden in the heart. Yao Zhengfang: Li Wei special love almost adopted her Yao Zhengfang recalls, Li Wei and his mother from Heilongjiang, Li Wei’s brother sick died shortly after my father died, the mother of Li Wei so insane, with Li Wei from Heilongjiang road to Yunnan Fuyuan begging, unfortunate accident. He said: Xiao Wei was dirty clothes, hair is also a long time did not comb, legs due to a long walk, walk a high foot low foot". Yao Zhengfang said that he had a good discussion with his wife, if you can not find the family of Li Wei, went to the local civil affairs departments to do procedures, the adoption of Li Wei, do not look at her age is small, especially attractive." On a computer screen Li Wei, beautiful fashion, have not see the shadow of the year, that Li Wei have already grown up, have their own family, children, Yao Zhengfang said to Li Wei: "see you well, I won’t have to worry about." Lei Xueliang: let his daughter know a sister Li Wei in Heilongjiang at one end of the phone to see Lei Xueliang, mouth called out: "Dad", Lei Xueliang Li Wei also tears, tears said: "Dad, why are you so old, can not recognize it, memory is tall and thin." Lei Xueliang said, my children are older, how could not old? Lei Xueliang remember, when Li Wei took home when he had married, only a year, "my wife is not very love this girl, although only live for a short period of 3 months, but a bit strange." Lei Xueliang told Li Wei that he would tell her that she had a sister in Heilongjiang. The captain asked Shi Chuankun, Yao Zhengfang regret to tell Li Wei: "Shi captain retired ten years, advanced in age, due to unfortunate stroke in the newspaper相关的主题文章: