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A week Korea tour list: "watch" pioneer consecutive PA chart for 14 weeks [Abstract]9 third week Korea tour championship battle has intensified, Blizzard’s "watch pioneer" narrowly defeated 0.59% "hero alliance", the highest ranking champion for 14 consecutive weeks. This paper from the Tencent game channel exclusive compilation, please indicate the source according to the South Korean online rankings from September 19th to September 25th statistics, Blizzard’s "watch pioneer" narrowly defeated the 0.59% strongest king AOS "hero alliance", the highest ranking champion for 14 consecutive weeks. Two games the "war" in this week, the "pioneer" watch has 4 days to occupy the first position, "hero alliance" has 3 days at the top end, "watch the pioneer" more than 1 days to win the championship standings the first week. "Pioneer" watch this week the market share of the lowest point for Monday 26.79% Friday, up to 29.94%, while rival "hero alliance" is the lowest point on Friday, 2527%, is the highest point on Saturday, reaching 29.13%. In addition to the high qualifying game showing a fierce competition scene, the middle and lower reaches of the rankings also appeared more obvious changes in ranking. "World of Warcraft", "the sword of the spirit", "eternal tower (micro-blog)", "heaven 2" and "TERA" this week rose 1, ranked seventh, 10, 12, 14 and 19. The "Adventure Island (micro-blog)", "Diablo 3", "Warcraft 3", "super fight together" and "KartRider" (micro-blog) were down 1, ranked eighth, 11, 13, 15 and 20. A week Korea tour TOP 10 ranking: watch pioneer FIFA heroes alliance OL3 raid OLDNF StarCraft World of Warcraft Island Adventure Heaven Sword of the spirit相关的主题文章: