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A new color for baby artifact new choice of your children deserve genuine – Sohu launched trike cart after maternal micro meters high, attracted a lot of attention mom dad tide tide, because it solves a difficult problem that they take the baby to go shopping. Usually go shopping with the baby, baby love to run, run and hug tired. Their parents have to go shopping, but also hold the baby, it is a big challenge for the physical. After the micro Michael trike cart, problems are smoothly done or easily solved. Trike cart body light only 2.2 kg, can replace the heavy traditional carts. In addition to look very cool, the body has the advantages of compact structure, if the shopping time is longer, can also fold up income backpack. Use it to take the children to the supermarket, the baby will also like. Trike cart as a patented micro meters high, its workmanship and quality is not comparable to other counterfeit products. Let’s take a look at what the customers who bought the trike cart. High turnover rate, practical, convenient, portable…… These are the true feelings of the customers. In late August of this year, tirke launched a new brand of cool black matte, on the basis of the original white models, in addition to the wheel and handle, the other part of the black matte paint. The new upgraded micro trike with sophisticated design, more texture. Shoddy counterfeit scooter rough work, did not handle the seat easily scratched the baby’s delicate skin. In addition, some children like to bite the handle of the cart, micro meters high use of environmentally friendly non-toxic tasteless plastic materials produced by the handle safe and sound, the baby no matter how to bite do not worry. However, this is not a good habit, parents want to stop the baby bite cart handle behavior. In the growing awareness of copyright today, more and more smart consumers in order to choose the right quality of the child’s health products. In 315 a year exposure of fake and shoddy products if the accident, in order to sacrifice money to children’s health, it is The loss outweighs the gain. Mad pull cool hanging fried days is a look at the president handed all black Fan Er trike trolley is now fully listed, micro meters high spot flagship store has major business platform, do not stand out of stock anxiously waiting for the pain, now a single experience genuine trike brings high quality cart with baby life.相关的主题文章: