A mobile phone with 3T China to open an appointment 821+6gb snapdragon RAM-popkart

A mobile phone with 3T China to open an appointment Xiaolong 821+6GB RAM looking forward, looking forward to a mobile phone with 3T distance closer to us. This month, 29 14:00, plus a mobile phone 3T will be officially released in Beijing, D-Park 751. Now, an official website has released a plus phone 3T appointment page. A plus phone 3T reservation page in view of a plus phone 3T has taken the lead in the sale abroad, many of its information is no longer a secret. No change of a mobile phone plus 3T appearance, but the internal hardware upgrades, Xiaolong 821+ front 16 million pixel camera +3400mAh+128GB ROM (also 64GB), memory up to 6GB. Although the price of the overseas version of the national version of the phone plus a little more than the number of foreign 3T late, but the good news is that the price is more favorable. According to the exposure information, a mobile phone with 3T Standard Edition is priced at 2799 yuan, 128GB version priced at 3199 yuan. The United States is priced at $439 (about 3038 yuan), 128GB version priced at $479 (about $3314).相关的主题文章: