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Food-and-Drink Organic milk has been processed in the Biedermann AG dairy since early 1989, and the range of organic products has undergone continuous further development. Thanks to rising demand, it was possible to initiate a complete modernization of the production facility in autumn 2000. The dairy has now become the largest organic milk processor in Switzerland, turning 60 per cent of the milk it receives into organic cream, butter, and other organic specialities. The factory is certified to the BRC standard, and puts a high priority on organic production and sustainability. High demands for hygiene, ergonomics and productivity Companies in the dairy industry make the highest possible demands on their manual checkweighers. The scales must be able to withstand the tough conditions of a production environment for long periods, must be customizable to the ergonomic needs and conditions of the workplace, and must continuously provide accurate measurements. New and individually customizable: The ICS scale range The new, portable ICS series of bench scales is highly configurable, and offers a wide range of options with which they can be uniquely customized to meet the demands faced in the dairy industry today. Hygienic design with selectable load cell The new range of scales, made from stainless steel, features a highly robust construction and are made to meet the latest hygienic design regulations. A choice of three different load cells is available. Environmental conditions and the cleaning procedures determine the choice of load cell. They range from protection merely against light, moist cleaning (IP65/67), through protection against high-pressure jet cleaning (IP69k). By using the appropriate load cell, the lifespan of the scale is extended and total cost of operation is reduced. Productive working methods thanks to various application terminals The Biedermann AG dairy uses portable table scales at several locations within the production area for manual checkweighing. The display of the ICS scale can be specifically adjusted for each applications, and therefore permits fast anual check-weighing. The integrated colorWeight function supports efficient working that is less tiring to the eyes. In combination with a bar code reader, products can easily be selected. This increases productivity while reducing the possibility of incorrect manual inputs. Alibi data storage for seamless traceability Companies that are certified in accordance with recognized standards such as IFS, BRC or FSSC 22000 are committed to ensuring full traceability of the components they use. The ICS6_9 series was therefore developed particularly for these needs. Thanks to their built-in memory, they provide access to all the relevant weighing results, product data and also calibration information. Accurate information is easily retrievable for any audit requirement. The Molkerei Biedermann AG dairy has already shown interest in the versatility of this range of scales. The production staff particularly value the speed of weighing, as well as the large display with its colorWeight function and the ease of cleaning. For more details: About the Author: METTLER TOLEDO specializes in the area of precision instruments for professional use. METTLER TOLEDO laboratory instruments are used in research, scientific, drug discovery, and quality control labs, amongst many others in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetics industries. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: