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Real-Estate Statistics tells that out of five home buyers in the country, one of them is a single woman. If you are one of the single ladies who want to own a house, then, you are in perfect timing as the market is widely open for you. You can start searching for properties, for instance, Anaheim real estate properties by making quick online search of Anaheim MLS. It lists, if not all, most of the Anaheim Homes for Sale and for sure, from that listing, you will find the house you are looking for. The number of unmarried ladies who decide to get into real estate investment and home buying process is increasing now. One third of the perceived growth that happened in real estate ownership since the year 1994 was composed of females that are single. Also, if you will compare their home buying activities with the single men, you would find out that the twice the number of single women purchase homes than unmarried men. Ooops! So much for the statistics. It is now time to learn more about why women decide to buy a house. One of the top reasons why women decide to invest in their own home is that they really want it. Most single women strongly desire to have their own house, maybe because it signifies accomplishment and independence. Another reason for them to buy a home is when they already see the need for more space or if they want to move into a smaller house, where they can live alone. Also, job reassignment or getting a better job opportunity in another area causes them to relocate and buy their own home. Some women, however, just want to be closer to their university or to parents and other relatives. What do single women look for in a house? Well, it is more desirable for a bachelorette to get a property that has at least two bedrooms. Furthermore, they are more likely to spend 200,000 USD for the house, as three out of four women do this. They will also prefer a house located in the city rather than those located in the suburban. Women also like newly constructed houses and they will choose to adjust their wants regarding the cost and the size just so they can have more amenities. Single women give priority to the location and the quality of the neighborhood where the property is situated. The house will be more desirable for the single ladies if it is near the stores, restaurants, fitness centers and shopping malls. Most bachelorettes will buy a condominium unit rather than a single-family residence. The condo should be well-run by the Homeowner Association for them to consider it more. For security, they want a house that has a gate and other security measures. In addition, single women love to interact with their neighbors so they are more likely to buy a house that allows interaction with other residents of the community. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: