Teachers do micro business to sell goods to parents, can call 88787110 Report-捷安特xtc750

Teachers do micro business to sell goods to parents, can call 88787110 to report using WeChat circle of friends to do acquaintances business, also called micro quotient. In the Internet era, this is understandable, do not want to buy, the people "shielding" "pull black" is good. But if the micro quotient is a child’s teacher, through the WeChat sell goods to you, you can not buy, can "pull black"? Recently, the City Board of education Changchun received some complaints from parents, complained that the individual teachers use WeChat to sell goods to the parents, the parents do not have to buy a plane. 14 afternoon, the City Board of Education held a teachers’morality related meeting, decided from now on will teachers parents and students to do micro business to sell goods into the teachers’morality key check first to carry out the city’s moral self correction next, after the county (city) district to conduct a special inspection by individual conversation, questionnaire, parents held other ways. "The individual teacher problem now we have mainly focused on such aspects, one is the public teachers class to chaos, chaotic makeup; the two is the individual teacher abuse of students in the classroom for the upper body; three is WeChat using modern network QQ group, individual teachers, students and parents to sell goods to sell, buy, we have this received several telephone hotlines, are speeding up the processing." Han Song, director of the division of Municipal Education Bureau, said. Combined with the current existing problems of teachers, Education Bureau will now begin to carry out moral self correction at the end of the year, to prevent the formalism in the process of self-examination and rectification, and resolutely put an end to "as a mere formality", especially the winter is approaching, teachers should focus on solving the hot issues do chaos chaos remedial class. In mid December of the self correction of the special action summary processing results to the public. City Board of education has set up the supervision and reporting telephone (0431) 88787110 students, parents and the community once found public teachers class to chaos, chaotic makeup, corporal punishment and corporal punishment in disguised form, teachers at work by WeChat, QQ group to parents and students to sell goods, buy and sell, spread rumors and other violations of occupation moral the behavior, can call to report. "The masses through self-examination, social concern hot and difficult problem of high degree of eleven crack, better repair, morality, casting the soul, and strong teacher to create a good teaching atmosphere." Han Song expresses.

老师做微商向家长兜售商品 可拨打88787110举报   利用微信朋友圈做熟人生意的,也叫微商。在互联网时代这本无可厚非,不想买,将人“屏蔽”“拉黑”就好。但如果这微商是孩子的老师,通过微信向您兜售商品,您买不买,能“拉黑”吗?   最近一段时间,长春市教育局接到一些家长投诉,投诉称个别老师利用微信向家长兜售商品,家长们抹不开面不得不买。14日下午,市教育局召开师德师风相关会议,决定从现在起将教师做微商向家长和学生兜售商品纳入师德师风检查重点,下一步先开展全市师德师风自查自纠,之后各县(市)区要通过个别谈话、调查问卷、召开家长会等方式进行专项检查。   “现在我们接到的个别教师师德师风问题主要围绕这么几个方面,一是公办教师乱办班、乱补课;二是个别教师在课堂上体罚辱骂学生;三是个别教师利用现代化网络QQ群、微信,向学生和家长兜售、强买强卖商品,这个我们已经接到了几起举报电话,正在抓紧处理。”市教育局师培处处长韩松介绍说。   结合当下教师队伍存在的问题,市教育局将从现在开始到年底开展师德师风自查自纠工作,要求在自查自纠过程中严防形式主义,坚决杜绝“走过场”,尤其是寒假将至,要重点解决教师乱办班乱补课的热点问题。12月中旬将对此次自查自纠的专项行动进行总结,处理结果向社会公开。   市教育局还设立了监督举报电话(0431)88787110,学生家长及社会各界人士一旦发现有公办教师乱办班、乱补课,体罚和变相体罚学生,教师在上班时间利用微信、QQ群等向家长和学生兜售商品、强买强卖,传播谣言等违反职业道德的行为,都可打电话举报。“通过自查自纠把群众反映强烈的,社会关注度较高的热点、难点问题一一破解,更好的铸师魂、修师德、强师能、正师风,营造良好的教书育人氛围。”韩松表示。相关的主题文章: