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EU leaders want to see Britain from the European Union said there is no "plan B" Beijing February Beijing – in 17, according to the "Central News Agency reported on 16, the European Union Executive Committee Chairman Juncker said on the 16, Britain’s withdrawal from the EU in the options, not the so-called" B plan". British Prime Minister Cameron held key talks in Brussels hoping to avoid British withdrawal from the eu. Reported that Cameron (David Cameron) asked the European Union, in the UK whether to withdraw from the EU referendum before the implementation of some controversial reform measures. He talks with Schulz, the president of the European Parliament (Martin Schulz), in favor of his proposal. When Cameron arrived, Schulz said, "some doubts will be raised". He also promised that parliament would be an honest partner in negotiations". The two is part of a series of diplomatic talks are conciliation. The leaders of the 28 EU countries will hold the key summit meeting on 18 and 19, and the issue will be the main axis of the EU’s withdrawal from the eu. Jean-Claude Juncker even refused to consider the idea of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union. He said, "if I say now that we have a B plan, it means that the executive committee will seriously want to imagine that the UK may withdraw from the EU."." Juncker said, "so I’m not going to talk about the B plan because there’s no B plan, only the A plan. Britain will remain in the European Union as a constructive and active member state." European Council president Tusk (Donald Tusk) warned that the EU is at a "critical moment", must simultaneously solve the British withdrawal from the European Union deadlock, and deal with Europe since World War II the most serious refugee crisis. He said: "there’s a risk of breaking up because the negotiation process is really fragile."

欧盟领袖不愿见英国脱离欧盟 称没有“B计划”-中新网   中新网2月17日电 据“中央社”16日报道,欧洲联盟执行委员会主席容克16日表示,让英国退出欧盟不在选项里,没有所谓“B计划”。英国首相卡梅伦到布鲁塞尔举行关键会谈,希望避免英国退出欧盟。   报道称,卡梅伦(David Cameron)要求欧盟,在英国举办是否退出欧盟公投前,先执行一些引起争议的改革措施。他与欧洲议会主席舒尔兹(Martin Schulz)会谈,鼓吹支持他的提议。   卡梅伦抵达时,舒尔兹说,会“提出一些疑虑”。他同时承诺,议会将是谈判的“诚实伙伴”。   两人会谈是一连串热切外交折冲的一部分。欧盟28国领袖18和19日将举行关键高峰会,英国退出欧盟的议题将是主轴。   容克(Jean-Claude Juncker)甚至拒绝考虑英国退出欧盟的想法,他说:“如果我现在说我们有B计划,那表示执委会认真地愿意设想英国可能退出欧盟。”   容克说:“所以我不会提到B计划,因为没有B计划,只有A计划。英国将留在欧盟,做个具建设性及活跃的成员国。”   欧洲理事会主席图斯克(Donald Tusk)警告称,欧盟正处“关键时刻”,必须同时解决英国要退出欧盟的僵局,和处理欧洲自二战以来最严重的难民危机。   他说:“确实有分手的风险,因为谈判过程实在非常脆弱。”相关的主题文章: