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Syria ruling party officials: the future negotiations will not have any concessions data map: Syrian army tanks open fire instantly, side can see the set of mortars. Original title: Syrian officials: the battle are not lost in the negotiations will never give up the reference news network reported on February 4th the United States Army times website published in January 24th entitled "Syria officials said the government will not make any concessions in the negotiations" reported that Syria’s ruling Baath Party of Arabia (Baath party) senior officials Hilal said 24 stalls Syria army victory on the occasion in different regions, the government of Syria to make any concession in the future will not negotiate. Hilal made the statement before the talks scheduled to be held in Geneva to end the conflict in Syria for nearly 5 years. The conflict in Syria has killed more than 250 thousand people. The opposition said Syria, the future of Syria should not be Syria’s president Bashar Assad’s position, even in the transition period should not have his position. Bashar said he would resign only if the election failed. The Assad family has ruled Syria for more than 40 years. Hilal 23 in a recent visit by the government forces from rebel hands back area said: "over the past 5 years have not given up, we won’t give up on it today. This year will be a year of triumph for Syria because of the heroic fighting and sacrifice of the army and people of Syria." Syria 24 government troops recaptured Lattakia province Rabier town and La Wuda village, this is the latest victory in the Syria government since the beginning of 2015 the Russian air strikes. Since the outbreak of rebellion in Syria in 2011, Russia is one of the most powerful supporters of the Bashar Assad regime. Syria opposition groups accused Russia of damaging the Geneva negotiations, because Russia can decide which opposition groups can participate in the negotiations. Some opposition groups say they will not participate in the negotiations. (compile Yuan Liang) editor in chief: Liu Debin SN222

叙利亚执政党高官:未来谈判不会有任何让步 资料图:叙军坦克开火瞬间,一旁还能看到架设好的迫击炮。   原标题:叙高官:战斗中都没有失去的 绝不在谈判中放弃   参考消息网2月4日报道 美国军队时报网站1月24日发表题为《叙利亚官员称,该国政府将不会在谈判中做出任何让步》的报道称,叙利亚执政党阿拉伯复兴社会党(Baath party)的高级官员希拉勒24日表示,档叙利亚政府军在不同地区取得胜利之际,叙利亚政府在未来的谈判中将不会做出任何新的让步。   希拉勒是在预定于日内瓦举行的为终结叙利亚近5年的冲突的谈判前做上述表示的。叙利亚冲突已造成超过25万人死亡。   叙利亚反对派称,叙利亚的未来不应该有叙利亚总统巴沙尔・阿萨德的位置,甚至在过渡时期就不应该有他的位置。巴沙尔则称,只有在选举失败的情况下他才会辞职。阿萨德家族已经统治叙利亚40多年了。   希拉勒23日在访问一个最近由政府军从叛军手里夺回来的地区时称:“过去5年都没有放弃的东西,我们不会在今天放弃它。由于叙利亚军队和人民的英勇战斗和牺牲,对叙利亚而言,今年将是胜利的一年。”   叙利亚政府军24日夺回了拉塔基亚省的拉比耶镇和拉乌达村,这是自俄罗斯2015年开始空袭以来叙利亚政府军取得的最新胜利。   自叙利亚2011年爆发叛乱以来,俄罗斯是巴沙尔・阿萨德政权最强有力的支持者之一。   叙利亚反对派组织指责俄罗斯破坏日内瓦谈判,因为俄罗斯可以决定哪些反对派组织能否参加谈判。一些反对派组织称,他们将不会参加这一谈判。(编译 袁亮) 责任编辑:刘德宾 SN222相关的主题文章: