Three things to do before going to bed, 3 habits, immediately young 15 years old-小坂めぐる

Before going to bed to do three things 3 habits of the young age of 15, immediately before the move, fit out before sleeping, can lie in bed to do some simple exercise, relax your body, but also beneficial to the physical and mental health! First, lie on the bed, lift your legs up and massage them up and down. Keep your legs up, don’t put them down, or lie on the wall with L shape. This action can help to remove the fat from the leg. Then lying down, legs were hanging in the air 90 degrees, 45 degrees, 30 degrees and positions, each angle of approximately for 30 seconds to 1 minutes, or you can stick to the limit. This action can shape the muscles of the thigh. You can also lie on your bed, your legs on your chest, your breasts on your thighs, your hands straight over your ears, your elbows above your palms, on your bed. This action can help to removelodge. Two, to keep the hair comb fingers, we know that the head of concentrated people several important points, through combing the process of stimulation, can play the role of massage. First, comb your hair with a comb, start from the forehead, comb it up and down, with moderate strength. With your fingers, gently massage the scalp, neck, ears, fingers respectively from the root and root parts of the forehead to the top of the head to head Shulong, concentrated rub. So repeated 30 times or more, feel the scalp being so far. This kind of action helps to dredge up the brain’s blood and allow the brain to get enough oxygen. So as to improve memory, protect hair roots, strengthen hair follicles, eliminate brain fatigue and other effects. Three, hot water soaking, Qi blood to help foot is the furthest from the human heart, is not easy to get oxygen and blood, and now is the winter, it is easy to be cold to stimulate the blood vessels constrict the blood vessels and blood supply difficult. However, the foot is another focus area of the human body. If the blood supply is insufficient, it will affect the normal operation of the liver, kidney and other parts. So, before going to bed with a warm blisters on their feet, promote blood circulation, accelerate many good The new supersedes the old. In particular, can add herbs in soaking water, because the foot tendons acupuncture points more, drug ingredients can absorb water well. If you want to slow down the leg pain by soaking cold, can add angelica and Chuanxiong; if it can be put in to slow dizzy, chrysanthemum, Prunella vulgaris; if it is to go to the dry cured beriberi, then add wormwood etc..

睡前要做三件事 3个习惯立即年轻15岁   一、睡前动一动,健美身材秀出来   睡觉之前,可以躺在床上做一些简单的小运动,放松一下你的身体,对身心健康也是有好处的哦!   首先躺在床上,把腿抬起抬起,进行由上往下地按摩。腿持续抬着不要放下,或者L字形地贴墙躺着,这个动作可以帮助瘦除小腿赘肉。   然后平躺,两腿分别悬在半空90度的位置,45度的位置,以及30度的位置,每个角度大约停留30秒到1分钟,或者你可以坚持的极限。这个动作可以塑造大腿的肌肉。   你还可以趴在床上,两腿缩在胸前,胸部贴着大腿根,双手伸直夹在耳朵旁边,手肘以上到手掌贴在床上。这个动作可以帮助排除宿便。   二、五指成梳,留住秀发   我们知道,头部集中了人身上好几个重要的大穴,通过梳理过程中的刺激,可以起到按摩作用。   首先用梳子把头发梳通,从前额开始,由上往下梳,力道适中。   再用手指,轻轻按摩着头皮,用手指分别从耳根、颈部发根及前额发根部位向头顶梳拢,再集中搓揉头顶。如此反复30次以上,感到头皮麻麻地为止。   这样的动作可以帮助疏通大脑的血液,使脑部得到充足的氧份。从而达到提高记忆力、保护发根、巩固毛囊、消除大脑疲劳等功效。   三、热水泡脚,行气助血   脚是离人体心脏最远的部分,不容易得到氧份与血液,加上现在是冬季,就更容易被寒冷刺激到血管,使血管收缩,供血艰难。   但是,足部又是人体穴位的又一集中区域,如果供血不足,会影响到肝脏、肾脏等多个部分的正常运作。所以,睡前用温热的水泡一泡脚,对促进身体血液循环,加速新陈代谢多有好处。   特别的是,可以在泡脚的水中加入中草药,因为脚上筋脉穴道较多,可以很好的吸收水中的药物成分。如果你想通过泡脚达到减缓腰腿冷痛,可以放入当归、川芎;若是要减缓头晕目眩,则可放入菊花、夏枯草;如果是要祛燥去脚气,那就放入艾草等。相关的主题文章: