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Zhengzhou is now flying small electric power line charging trouble was burned only skeleton – reporter Li Lan the morning of October 31st, Zhang aunt who lives in Zhengzhou City, five Longkou Road No. 9 Building No. 1 hospital on the third floor, is cooking in the kitchen when suddenly smelled the smell floated from the window. A look downstairs, found an electric car parked in the downstairs fire, quickly call fire downstairs. As the fighting in a timely manner, the fire did not spread. Residents after the fire, down a charging wire found 11 floor. Scrap electric car owners Mr. Li looked too late to regret firing, said that his head back home from a pull wire to charge the car, even the fire. 31 on the morning of 7 pm, a car parked in the five Longkou Hospital No. 9 South Road No. 1 Building 3 unit downstairs electric car suddenly caught fire. Residents found, immediately went downstairs to put and call 119. In order to put out the fire, three officer patrols in the area of the Central Plains area of the temple guard members, together with the residents, some pouring water, some water with a wet quilt cover, or into the car and soil, until the fire brigade arrived, the fire was extinguished. At this point, the electric car was burned only a basket case. Mr. Li lives on the 11 floor of the said, his electric car is to spend 3600 yuan bought last year, usually charging in his shop, so not in Xiaoquban rechargeable card. 6:30 in the morning, because the rush to go out to work, from upstairs off the line to the car, temporary charge respectively. But just charge for half an hour, it happened. Find the upstairs neighbor in his home, he hurried downstairs to see, but the electric car has been burned into scrap metal. Residential property staff said that in Zhengzhou, because the fly line charging has caused several fires. Next, the property will increase inspections, timely removal of private pull wires, eliminate safety hazards.

郑州又现飞线充电惹祸 小电电被烧得仅剩骨架   □记者 李岚   本报讯 10月31日早上,家住郑州市五龙口南路9号院1号楼三楼的张大妈,正在厨房做饭时突然闻到一股焦糊味从窗外飘来。往楼下一看,发现停在楼下的一辆电动车起火了,便赶紧下楼叫人灭火。由于扑救及时,火势没有蔓延。居民将火扑灭后,顺着一根给电动车充电的电线找到了11楼。车主李先生看着烧成废铁的电动车追悔莫及,说自己头一回从家里扯电线给车充电,竟然会起火。   31日早上7时许,一辆停在五龙口南路9号院1号楼3单元楼下的电动车突然起火。居民发现后,立即下楼进行扑救,并拨打了119。为了将大火扑灭,在小区内巡逻的中原区三官庙巡防队员,与居民一起,有的用水泼,有的用湿了水的被子捂,也有的往车上撒土,直到消防官兵赶到后,大火才被熄灭。此时,电动车被烧得只剩下一个空架子。   住在11楼的李先生说,他的电动车是去年花3600元买的,平时都是在自己开的小店里充电,所以没在小区办充电卡。当天早上6时30分,因急着外出办事,便从楼上扯了根线,给车子临时充会电。不料刚充电半个小时,就出事了。等楼上邻居找到他家里时,他才赶紧下楼查看,但电动车已经烧成了废铁。   小区物业部的工作人员说,在郑州,因飞线充电已引发过多次火灾。下一步,物业会加大巡查力度,及时拆除私扯的电线,消除安全隐患。相关的主题文章: