Our world has five difficult-高达08ms小队

Our world has five hard Sheng world has five is difficult and the world has five difficult: poor giving difficult, difficult to learn, discuss lives difficult, to see the Buddhist, Buddha world difficult difficult to value. This chapter tells the world there are five difficult. "Poor giving difficult", the poor themselves, but it is difficult to give. There is a story of a poor girl a beggar, what are not, take the broken bowl to half a bowl of oil, get the Buddha before support, when all the lights are off, but she also lit the lamp; Ananda asked the Buddha, the Buddha said that the biggest merit because of their poor light. Still know to charity and support. I have poor is not charity, life will be more poor, so there is money, should give. At least to see others or others are happy to give. "The rich and powerful way to" powerful status, difficult to. They are busy career, identity noble, unwilling to bow to the Buddha before Sambo, afraid of being laughed at their superstitions, since that is great. Some officials in, do not want to study Buddhism, until after retiring, no money no potential, just know to practice buddhism. In fact, the public good practice, as the rich and powerful Buddhist word can, save many people, many people affected by Buddhism, this is the bodhisattva. "Life is not difficult," the system is said to have to die, how to save no use; it may also mean that the crime committed a non death, it is difficult to save him. We should not go against death, and don’t commit suicide. A recent report has a wife, Dutch act five times to sixth times before the death of deliverance, death really Dutch act was successful, perhaps she was forced to commit suicide is not the reason, but if you can use this courage to do self and others, not very good? Why should we die? "To see the Buddhist scriptures difficult", the average person is not easy to see the Buddhist scriptures, especially the ancient printing technology developed, it is more difficult. Some people say that Buddhism is very difficult, cannot read, although he is not against the others to read Buddhist scriptures, but they are not going to read; some people have no chance to read Buddhist scriptures. The really difficult? In fact, usually considered difficult, is the transliteration of the Sanskrit name, but this can be through the dictionary query. It is not easy to be born in the age of buddhism. Sakyamuni Buddha live eighty years, into the road after preaching is forty-nine years, the earth, only in the forty-nine years born in order to see the buddha. Is there a time limit for the Dharma in the world, after the time limit, the people in the world that can’t see the Buddha dharma. So we are not living Buddha value world, but at least there is Buddhism read Buddhist scriptures to audible; although there are some difficulties, but only a little difficult, not difficult. (this article from the "forty-two chapter" by record)相关的主题文章: