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The new venture capital stocks from venture capital Commission led to broaden the exit channel sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries as you earn take can make you my author: Du Qingqing venture investment is essential for economic transformation, trying to attract more capital to participate in the venture capital is currently working under the state council. In September 20th, the Chinese government announced the "State Council on promoting the sustained and healthy development of venture capital a number of opinions" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"). First Financial Daily reporters found that, compared with the previous entrepreneurial support policies, the venture capital deal has a number of policy breakthroughs. In broadening the scope of funding access, tax incentives, listing support, as well as exit channels and other investors are most concerned about the arrangements for more specific support measures. Investment period reverse linked opinions proposed to study the establishment of the listed companies listed on the lifting of the ban and the length of the investment period before the reverse linked to the institutional arrangements. According to the State Council, the Commission will be responsible for the division of responsibilities of the relevant system. Venture capital is high, and the greater the risk to the early stage. In order to encourage financial support to move forward, will the investment period and after the listing of the lifting of the ban reverse hook, this innovative institutional arrangements concern. According to the "opinions", make the design consideration is to encourage long-term investment, want to study to focus on long-term investment and the value of the investment of venture capital investment enterprises in the corporate bond issuance, the government guide fund support, project docking, market exit etc. to give the necessary policy support. In terms of funding sources, Opinions also increased support for long-term funds, especially insurance funds. On the one hand, requirements in the premise of risk control, safety flow under the support of the central enterprises and local state-owned enterprises, insurance companies, university fund and other institutional investors in venture investment enterprises and venture capital fund. On the other hand, requires the establishment of venture capital enterprises and various financial institutions, long-term market cooperation mechanism, to further reduce the commercial insurance funds to enter the field of venture capital threshold, to promote a new model of development investment loan linkage, linkage, linkage and other insurance investment bonds. In addition, encourage insurance asset management institutions and other entrepreneurial innovation resources related institutions involved in venture capital. In terms of tax support, will encourage research in Technology Co venture investment enterprises and angel investors investment seed and start-up period enterprise tax policy support, to further improve the venture capital investment to offset tax preferential policies. At the same time, the "opinions" will be carried out to carry out angel investors personal income tax policy pilot. In the commercial environment, the "opinions" issued by the relevant policy banned all over the limit of venture investment enterprises and venture capital management enterprise market access and development. On the contrary, to establish the development of venture capital industry filing and regulatory filing interoperability mechanism. In the legal environment, the State Council requires the relevant ministries to venture capital, private equity, foreign institutions to improve legislation. First, the study of the relevant legislation to promote the work of venture capital, and promote the improvement of corporate law and partnership law; two is to improve the relevant management system of venture capital, private equity funds to promote the Interim Regulations on the management of funds相关的主题文章: