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Comment: how to protect cultural relics can not be included in the new network – founding General Liu home, 7 unmovable cultural relics have been demolished, triggered a huge concern. The latest news is that the main suspects were arrested in Harbin City, Shuangcheng district decided on the 7 cultural relics site reconstruction. There are accountable, there are reconstruction programs, the state and local authorities attitude is evident. However, looking back, the matter still left some thoughts and lessons. First, at present the arrest is on-site command of Demolition Company, but the removal of which buildings is not a Demolition Company to decide. Demolition Company is employed by the Party B, then Party A is who, who decided to put down 7 cultural relics? This requires further investigation, accountability. Second, compared with the rehabilitation of site, the public would like to see in front of the local government to protect cultural relics. Need to know, even if the site is restored, but is also the largest shape. The value of a witness to history and it will be gone. Protection of cultural relics, we can not go on the demolition reconstruction of the old road, but to focus more on the daily supervision and maintenance. Because of this, according to the report, Shuangcheng district all shed more than 140 cultural relics not involved in the project, yet the classification of more than 100, the surviving relics protection and grading as soon as possible, is more important than the rehabilitation of destroyed cultural relics, more urgent. Third, for similar immovable relics, how to protect? The demolitions incident in June 25th, until the end of August announced measures. In this regard, the local sports broadcasting bureau official explained that after the incident, the public security bureau is not good that the 7 old buildings are not artifacts, they also have some doubts, after work to the superior department, before re filing department. The basic properties and unhistorical department is not clear the value of these buildings, and how to protect it? The protection of cultural relics by security department apparently incompetent, not to mention the cultural relics department is sometimes confused with it. So, to protect the immovable cultural relics, is a cultural protection department should know the real situation, and regular inspections; two is to let the public participate, such as public cultural relics, cultural relics to the public on the side of the hand, to supervise and protect. When the local government official said, will take this as a warning. I wish to take this as a warning, as the powerful action, instead of dealing with public opinion words. I hope that the country can take this as a warning. – mu?相关的主题文章: