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Domestic promotion difficult: prefabricated construction technology should be improved obviously the cost restriction mapping: Shen Yiling assembled architecture has the advantages to improve the quality and efficiency of green environmental protection in our country, but the promotion is difficult for residential building blocks are favored (observation) reporter Liu Zhiqiang what is "assembling building"? That is to say, it is similar to the "building blocks" — the traditional construction, must be reinforced, concrete and other building materials shipped to the construction site construction; "prefabricated" is the beams and columns, wall, balcony, stairs and other parts department, is the "building blocks" in the factory in advance good production, shipped to the site after the combination, simple connection, can be installed. At the end of September, the State Council promulgated the "guidance to develop assembly architecture" (hereinafter referred to as "guidance"), proposed to use about 10 years time, the assembly building in the new building area ratio rose from 30% to 5% at present. What are the unique charm of our country to promote the assembly building? In the process of promotion, what difficulties should be faced? How big is the quality of the charm to improve efficiency, but also conducive to energy conservation "building blocks" in the end what kind of? Recently, the reporter went to Wuhan to build three green building industrial park. Into the plant, we will see a row of precast concrete members, there are stairs, balconies, wall panels, laminated plate, as well as the overall kitchen, the whole bathroom. "You touch the wall, more smooth! No can directly apply putty leveling, wallpaper!" One side, the construction of Wuhan science and Technology Co. Ltd. chairman Chen Weiguo said that the traditional construction workers, with wood to build the wall hook shape, and then poured into the cement solidified to form a wall surface, often rough, and in the "residential factory, mold production is controlled by computer, finally made the" building blocks "aspect the high error is only 1 – 2 mm. When making the wall, the factory can be installed according to customer needs, accessories, water, electricity, gas, refrigeration and heating pipe can be buried, doors and windows can be preloaded, ceramic tile, floor, exterior wall decorative paint can also be prefabricated. In terms of production efficiency, "building blocks" equally obvious advantages. Take the stairs, the site pouring special trouble. Each layer of the stairs have to spend effort to do the formation, but also the end of the closure of the board to do the finished product protection, air conditioning at room temperature curing, 28 days after the opening." Chen Weiguo said, take prefabricated way, the stairs can lie in the curing kiln maintenance, can be completed within 10 hours. In Hebei, Tangshan, China 22mcc group chief engineer Liu told reporters that the prefabricated in the factory out of season, weather conditions, site demolition and other restrictions, "as long as the construction blueprint, even if no foundation excavation, can also advance the production." Building blocks when the quality of excellence, high efficiency, "building blocks" is even more so. In the area of Hubei province is the first industrialized housing built in Wuhan and Shenzhen Metro, built in the Wang Tao general manager of Wuhan science and Technology Co. Ltd, the 17 storey prefabricated housing starts from the flat ground, piling, completed completed 4 months, compared with the traditional ways to save 30% time, more than half of the employment, but also both "相关的主题文章: