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Avascular necrosis of hip preserving treatment from a variety of complications – Sohu health day and night upside down, hip pain, these make insomnia symptoms become a bone of patients, the root cause of femoral head necrosis were "insomnia" is not a regular schedule to the body clock disorder, on the other hand, hip joint needle as the pain of people also can not sleep. In response to these two causes of avascular necrosis of the causes of insomnia, a comprehensive response. First of all to ensure that patients have deep and quiet sleep. This requires a comfortable environment, clean and dry bedding, quiet sleep environment, in addition, the patient has to lay down the burden of thinking, to tell patients with femoral head disease, for long illness to rehabilitation, they should be encouraged to actively carry out the treatment of necrosis femoral head, encourage them to life as much as possible take care of themselves, so that they feel is lying in bed for a long time but not completely dependent on others, self-care and improvement are also promising. Second, to ensure that patients have enough sleep time. Normal adult daily sleep time is 8 hours, the patient’s sleep time than normal growth. Regardless of whether patients sleep during the day or night to sleep, sleep or sleep, a sleep or sleep times, as long as the daily total sleep time cumulative 8 hour. Do not insist on patients with osteonecrosis of the femoral head, like normal people, working during the day and sleep at night. In order to be able to go to sleep on time, before going to bed at night with warm water to wash the feet of patients, before going to bed drink a cup of warm milk before bedtime, avoid eating large amounts of food and excitant food, do not let it see fantasy novels, fairy tales, bizarre and strange cartoon movie, do not drink tea, coffee. In the process of the development of femoral head necrosis, the pain has been accompanied by the patient, but blindly medication for pain relief is the treatment of errors. The goal of the treatment of avascular necrosis of the femoral head is not simply to suppress the pain, but to remove the lesion, so that the disease nowhere to hide, to achieve the purpose of treatment of pain. In other words, in order to eliminate the pain of the disease as soon as possible, only the early selection of symptomatic scientific and standardized treatment, removal of lesions. Treatment of femoral necrosis patients should be considered according to the patient’s age, pathological type, necrosis volume and demand, the individualized treatment plan of science, can achieve "hip preserving" is not "replacement", if it is generally I, II femoral head necrosis patients, can do hip preserving treatment keep the femoral head, eliminate pain, avoid replacement, if it is the early middle stage III patients, the collapse of the femoral head area is less than 2mm, the critical gap is normal, cartilage surface is relatively complete, can also be through the hip preserving treatment, keep the femoral head. Hip preserving treatment: femoral head necrosis is the best stage of hip preserving treatment in the pathogenesis of 1-2, minimally invasive drilling decompression for patients during this period, this operation is to the lesion areas of minimally invasive drilling decompression, due to increased intramedullary pressure of femoral head necrosis, pressure drop after decompression, can relieve the pain and delay the progression rate the delay, hip replacement surgery time. The patient’s pain will continue to increase, the size of the avascular necrosis of the femoral head increases, and the bone will collapse after the necrosis.相关的主题文章: