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"Rest assured Tour" attracted repeat customers (policy interpretation focus) – Finance – People’s National Day holiday, a lot of people have a new experience of travel. According to a report released by the National Tourism Administration 7, this year’s National Day golden week, the national tourist reception number of 593 million people, a total tourism revenue of $482 billion 200 million. However, on the road, the tourists still have a lot of confusion: a day tour in the end what is the scenic spots under the shopping, how can not be "pit"? How much is a shrimp price? Who should be responsible for the safety of diving services? Tour guide who is not civilized complaints? These confusion, test the level of government management of relevant departments during the golden week. Tropical coastal city of Hainan, Sanya, drafted the development of 13 standardized management approach, 11 long-term mechanism, the 6 industry standards, improve the quality of urban services. Fangzu and "black seafood shop" according to tourism electricity donkey mother "2016 National Day travel trends report", Sanya ranked domestic long-term travel during the national day ten popular destination list. During the golden week, the city of Sanya tourists 612 thousand and 300 passengers, an increase of 21.01%. Haitang Bay, Yalong Bay, the East China Sea and other places the average occupancy rate of nearly 75% hotels, sampling survey data show that the first time to Sanya tourists in the tourist population accounted for more than 60%. Repeat the reason of course increased, and Sanya blue sky, the sun on the beach are inseparable, but Jiangsu Yin believes more tourists, and strengthen the management of local tourism market governance, the market order has markedly improved relations. "Afraid of being slaughtered everywhere, playing not practical, who would like to come back?" Mr. Zhang from Beijing said. Management and development are equally important." Hainan provincial Party Secretary Luo Baoming requirements. In 2015, Sanya will focus on remediation project "Qike Zaike" included in the "city tourism Chaos Management" in. Tourist police detachment, tourism circuit court, travel dispute mediation committee and 35 law enforcement agencies involved in the brigade, forming a "four in one" regulatory framework. "The complaint calls must be answered 3, the police received a complaint within the next 1 hours must be present, complaints must be dealt with immediately……" These management standards are clearly defined as a job requirement. During the golden week this year, the "black motorboat" illegal hunting, coral reef area of "black diving", alleged high rebate "black seafood shop" by tourist police and normalized Fangzu 11 inventory out, during the national day, total and tourism related public security case 21, 23 people in administrative detention. October 1st – 7, 12301 accepted single 931 pieces, including tourism consulting 560, 371 complaints, making return satisfaction rate was 98.55%. 12345 accept demands 4790, making return satisfaction rate was 97.44%. "Bad for tourists experience, not only to the passive control, but also to take the initiative to visit, to solve the problem of upgrading the city management level, where the problem occurred, where follow-up rectification." Hainan Provincial Committee, Sanya municipal Party committee secretary Zhang Qi said. Standardization to promote access to the environment before the start of the golden week, Kang Jinsheng from Belarus相关的主题文章: