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The first half report brisk storm surface groups use the profit of minority shareholders profit interface A shares of the listed company Star Chen Feixia storm group (300431.SZ) announced a data first half earnings brisk last week. The company achieved operating income of 495 million yuan in the first half of this year, representing an increase of $128.64% over the same period last year, attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of $18 million 860 thousand, an increase of 181.57%. Half net profit of over ten million, an increase of 181%, this data is only one year and 5 months for the storm group is quite beautiful. Detailed analysis of its source of income, the main income is a substantial increase in sales of goods, that is, storm TV sales surge. Data show that sales of goods operating income was 228 million, an increase of about 3326%, which is about $33, but operating costs increased by only an increase of 2684%, so the gross profit margin increased by about 22%, reaching a record of $4.55%. These 10 Fen rates are pretty amazing. As early as the end of the interface news as the mystery of the music terminal revenue has done in-depth analysis, in which the terminal side of the 5.5 annual report, the terminal profit is a loss, and the proportion of losses are more than 40%. The storm commander in just set up less than a year’s time, it has achieved profitability, the results seem quite incredible. Interface news continue to read the report, but found a different data. As a subsidiary of the company, the main subject of the sale of goods for the Shenzhen storm Technology Co., Ltd., its semi annual operating income of 228 million, its net profit is loss, and the loss of more than 79 million. This is the same as the music industry as a result of the new rate of loss is closer, the loss rate of around -30%. One from the CPA professionals told the news group interface, the storm can do sales of goods sector gross margin was positive, should be listed as part of the cost of cost accounting, which does not include the cost of. Hence, commodity sales gross margin of 4.55% "event". Shenzhen storm commander Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the most important subsidiary of the storm group, the company’s business is mainly for sales of goods, that is, the physical sales of its hardware storm TV. The commander was established in July 2015, data show that the group holds 30.37% stake in the storm storm commander, less than 50%, but the largest shareholder as a group as the commander of the storm storm, a majority of seats in the board of directors, the actual control of its business activities, it is included in the scope of consolidation. Semi annual report data show that the storm commander’s assets total 247 million, total liabilities of $276 million, net assets of -2816 million. Most of the storm group’s revenue is contributed by the storm commander, and storm commander’s loss is unlikely to affect the listed companies. Data show that the operating profit of listed companies is a loss of 56 million 670 thousand, even with operating income, the loss is still up to 42 million 620 thousand. The problem comes, storm group is how to do the parent company’s profit? The answer is the commander in chief 30.37%. Data show that as a result of minority shareholders.相关的主题文章: