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How to distinguish the Pu’er tea flavor, the heap of musty, stale? Sohu and Pu’er tea in Yunnan Dayezhong sundried green tea as raw material, after the formation of the pile fermentation process of pure tea, mellow tea tea warm tea. But not all the Pu’er tea tea is pure. Often there will be tea tea will heap taste, musty and stale confusion, mistake the smell of tea as a treasure. Dong tea? That will aim at this phenomenon, leading to distinguish tea Pu’er tea in the pile of smell, musty, Chen Wei is what. 1, heap heap Pu’er tea flavor is the taste in the pile of wet water after fermentation, tea with the taste for normal fermentation process. Usually just made of Pu’er tea in tea, about three months more or less with a pile of taste. Properly stored after a period of time, pile taste will gradually dispersed, the more pure fragrant tea. 2, a lot of musty tea friends easy to confuse the musty and stale. Musty: in fact, only when the tea dry smell will find some weird, tea flavor is pungent, seems to have plant spoilage odors, cause discomfort, but it is also possible to determine the musty. With the musty tea after brewing tea, soup color is dark and cloudy; tea mixed with sidelight will have a sense of nausea, encountered this kind of tea, is the most moldy, do not recommend drinking. How did the musty smell come about? Wet fermentation technology exquisite pile, determine the quality of Pu’er ripe tea. The tea is made after the need for a period of storage. Proper storage under Puer ripe tea, dry tea tea after brewing pure aroma, liquor color clear chestnut red, pure aroma, mellow tea, tea with rich entrance warm tea in the mouth scattered. Pu’er tea on more storage, brewing knowledge can be added to the micro: understanding. In the storage process, if damp tea, after two times of fermentation, tea with a pungent odor of corruption like plants. After brewing, liquor color dull muddy, tea mixed with the smell, after drinking throat discomfort, if encountered this kind of tea, do not recommend drinking. 3, Chen Wei Chen flavor is the Pu’er tea in time, a unique tea changed after the presentation of their own. The year old Puer ripe tea, has good storage, a pure tea growing. At the same time will appear: medicine fragrant camphor, jujube aroma and rich tea. Pu’er tea on tea, said the public type Dong? (dyshuocha) has issued a "Pu’er Tea nine incense six flavor which is nine which six sweet taste? "One article, welcome to view. Chen is the witness of a tea flavor from the best proof of the new variable Chen, Chen tea flavor appears the raw materials rich in tea, good storage quality. In summary: heap flavor is produced after normal ripe tea after fermentation, can be dispersed and smell; musty smell is cooked by improper storage after mildew harmful, can not be dispersed taste; Chen flavor is Pu’er tea after years of baptism, the unique tea. More Pu’er Tea buy, drink brew, store, please South Ming beauty senior tea micro number: (long press copy) consulting. Closest to the old class chapter of the tea相关的主题文章: