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The air force has been traced to order 2 China pterosaur UAV domestic code exposure – Sohu Military Channel text with map: 2 UAV pterosaurs. Observer network: in recent years China UAV in the international market invincible, not only exported to many countries, and has been in these areas of combat play a major role in the fight against terrorism made distinctions won in battle field. At the 2016 Zhuhai airshow, "pterosaur" Rainbow 2 ", 5" and "cloud" three new UAV show Chinese UAV field developments, as the new "flagship" foreign UAV, what is the difference between the several UAVs to perform what tasks, whether in China there are no more magical "raised in purdah did not know"? The following is the 2016 Zhuhai airshow information we collected. "2 pterosaur" may become a new generation of China’s air force UCAV in 2014 Zhuhai airshow, AVIC CAC rollout "pterosaur" UAV and ground station, and later a number of Middle Eastern countries signed a purchase contract. At that time, the PLA Air Force to show an unmanned aircraft codenamed "attack No. 1", in fact the drone is "domestic use model pterosaur". "Pterosaur" drones and American Predator drone compared to the slightly larger size of police hit one of the drones belong to hale, can carry multiple pieces of small missile attack ground targets. This year’s airshow, Chengdu brought their new "pterosaur 2" uav. It is said that this type of UAV has also been ordered by the PLA Air Force and may become attack 2 unmanned aircraft. From the delivery of the exhibition "pterosaur 2" UAV, the main feature of this machine is the use of the -9A turboprop engine, the engine reportedly is improved in direct -9 using turboshaft engine based on -8, power is about 700-800 horsepower. In contrast, the United States Reaper UAV use Honeywell TPE331-10 engine output power of about 900 horsepower. The maximum takeoff weight of 4.7 tons harvest "," 2 "" maximum takeoff weight of 4.2 tons. In the load, the Reaper open plug-in maximum 1.4 tons, while the "2 pterosaur currently published data" for "more than 600 kilograms". But from the "2" pterosaur display of weapons, this number still seems somewhat conservative, may be the typical practical load, rather than the actual weight of "plug-in". From now to see a variety of pictures to see, did not see the reapers loaded with 1.4 tons of external things off. Earlier media misunderstood CAC released a statement, saying "pterosaur 2" internal bomb bay, said the relevant statement actually become flying is the "internal load class pterosaur 2", "harvest" has the same internal load module, the machine maximum load of 360 kg. In fact, this is not the bomb cabin, but for carrying a variety of reconnaissance equipment load compartment, some media expertise to be strengthened. AVIC said, "pterosaur 2" UAV is not the first flight, but has received large orders for overseas users, which shows that the user of China uav.相关的主题文章: