Shanghai, a residential property owners accused of barbaric decoration broken walls, filling seismic 乃々果花

Shanghai, a residential property owners accused of brutal decoration: broken wall, fill seismic joint sketch map of morning news reporter Ye Songli Intern Shen Siting 20 days ago, the Shanghai urban management department for housing decoration damage behavior of load-bearing structure out of a maximum 200 thousand yuan ticket. Recently, in the west of Suzhou road Jingan Riverside Garden District, vandalism of an owner in the decoration process is worse: he tried to two buildings adjacent two houses connected, and one of the one or two layers of building two houses through. So go to war, so that the owners upstairs are all frightened, fear of endangering two building safety. Yesterday morning, the owners have promised to stop decoration, waiting for the results of the relevant departments. Comprehensive property, owners and other parties, the owner tried to destroy the original structure of the housing houses a total of 5 units, of which the most strongly reflected is one of the 3 houses, located in the District No. 16 and No. 17 building, more than and 170 square meters of 16-201, 16-202 (all four rooms two defend). And 143 square meters of 17-201 (two Sanshiliangting). According to the owners said, before the three house is rent, the other owners and property companies under the intervention of the landlord to recover a group of rent, now want to make housing into its staff dormitory. 17 building owners Mr Cheung said: "the transformation of the housing in the end is the staff quarters, or to disguise the base rent, only the owners themselves know. However, the residential buildings into dormitories, what is the difference with the rent?" The residential property company Lianyuan property manager assistant Ms. Wu confirmed that after these houses do exist for the current transformation of the phenomenon of rent, decoration, property owners did not know, before the construction is not communicated with the property. Residential owners said that regardless of the future of these 3 sets of housing for what purpose, and now there are many irregularities, affecting the safety of the whole building. In October 28th, Jingan District Jiangning street law enforcement squadron captain Zhang Yushun told reporters, according to the behavior of Jingan Riverside Garden decoration owners, they are taking the program. The first is the residential property companies to verify the door, stop, issued rectification orders. If the owners do not listen to advice, and then to the urban management law enforcement. We will be the first time to see the door, record, take pictures of fixed evidence. We report to the District Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau, commissioned by the District Bureau full-time departments to detect identified." Ms Wu said they repeatedly come to discourage, but the owners have not appeared. Reporter asked Zhang Yushun: how long does it take? Specific to the problem of Jingan Riverside Garden, how to solve? Zhang Yushun said that the progress of their work can not be determined, because the test is commissioned by the district board, when to detect? When is the report? Even if this step is completed, the owners have to develop a recovery plan. Such a large area, the restoration of construction may take a year or even longer. After the restoration of the owners, the urban management department also organized a special agency to acceptance, acceptance, to say that this is done. As of press time ago, the relevant departments of Jiangning Jingan District Street sent to reporters 7相关的主题文章: