Pudong, Luqiao construction Limited by Share Ltd 2016 semi annual report summary (Figure) – Sohu sec 巴雷特m82a1

Shanghai Pudong Luqiao construction Limited by Share Ltd 2016 semi annual report summary (Figure) – Sohu securities important of the 1.1 semi annual report from the semi annual report, investors want to know the details, should carefully read and published on the Shanghai stock exchange website, Chinese Commission full-text semi annual report on the designated website. 1.2 company profile two major financial data and financial data of 2.1 main shareholders: unit: RMB yuan 2.2 top ten shareholders of the table unit three management discussion and analysis from January 2016 to June, the company completed sales income is 930 million 239 thousand and 400 yuan, 291 million 984 thousand and 500 yuan less than the same period last year, down 23.89%; a total profit of 236 million 36 thousand and 200 increase of 0.84% yuan, an increase over the previous year; 1 million 957 thousand and 900 yuan, net profit attributable to owners of the parent company was 144 million 628 thousand and 400 yuan, 299 thousand and 600 yuan increase over the previous year, growth of 0.21%. During the reporting period, the company actively expand new projects. Among them, municipal projects, major new projects include: Six Bong Road (Zhou Deng road – Hunan highway) new project 1 standard and 2 standard, volley road – Yingbin Avenue Interchange reconstruction project, the Pudong canal (Chuan Yang River – River) maintenance dredging engineering; asphalt project, mainly for new projects (three – Waigaoqiao harbor bridge between true north (Zhabei District) sewers, circle, Putuo District) and other paving project; investment projects, major new projects for Yang Gaolu (Century Avenue Pu Jian Road) reconstruction project etc.. During the reporting period, the company steadily in the construction project. Among them, municipal and highway engineering, the first half of the year to focus on projects including the Zhejiang Zhuji highway 31 project, a new project, Jinke Road Port District Tsing Chung Road (Bo Ying Road – East Avenue); asphalt paving, the first half of the year to focus on projects including the Zhuji highway 31 project paving engineering, Luo Shan Yang High Road overpass color SMA asphalt pavement engineering etc.. During the reporting period, the company continued to strengthen project management capabilities. The company adjusts the municipal general contracting management mechanism, and optimizes the project management structure of the general contracting project, laying the foundation for the implementation of standardized, orderly, standardized construction management capabilities. At the same time, by strengthening the application of modern construction management technology, strengthen the construction organization and management, strict implementation of the construction project safety management, high standards for the implementation of the project site management. During the reporting period, the company successfully issued the 2016 year of the first phase of ultra short term financing bonds to raise funds of RMB 300 million yuan, the company issued to qualified investors to issue public debt of $1 billion 900 million approved by the commission. At the same time, strengthen the subsidiary equity management, the company acquired a subsidiary of Shanghai Pu Xing Investment Development Co., Ltd. 2.675% stake and Shanghai Atlas of the protection of Slag Industry Co., Ltd. of the equity interest of 49%. During the reporting period, the company consolidated scientific and technological innovation management. Around the main business, enhance the practicality of the research. Actively promote the research and development of high viscosity asphalt products, the development and application of high quality modified asphalt.相关的主题文章: