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Telecommunications fraud prone behind: virtual operators fall into the vicious spiral of telecommunications fraud prone to extricate themselves behind: virtual operators of public funding real survival picture of Li Zichen due to telecom fraud caused the Shandong prospective college students Xu Yuyu in August 21st the unfortunate death of the message touched people angry nerves, a segment for 17 communication number of public opinion storm ensued operation, this number section of virtual operators once again entered the public view. For most mobile communications users, virtual operators is a strange concept. As a new thing to encourage and guide private capital to enter the telecommunications industry, two years ago, it has penetrated into people’s lives. In May 2013, the Ministry issued a "pilot program" mobile resale business pilot mobile resale business officially launched in December of the same year, the Ministry issued a virtual operator pilot license, to 11 private enterprises by the Ministry has also issued four licences, a total of 41 virtual operators began China private mobile communication operation way. In accordance with the definition of the Ministry in the pilot program, the so-called "virtual operator" means "in mobile communications resale business" senior channel, namely through the discount service procurement infrastructure operators, the use of their own channels, packaging solutions for resale to the user, "virtual" refers to its own self, not does not have the communication infrastructure. Section 17 is the basis of the three operators (China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom) contracted to virtual operators of mobile communications segment. Among them, 171 belong to Chinese Unicom, 170 to three: 170017011702 belong to China Telecom, 170317051706 belong to China Mobile, China Unicom 1704170717081709 belong to Chinese. According to the latest data given relevant experts China Information Communication Research Institute, as of the end of August 2016, the number of users of China Mobile resale is about 35 million. Over the years, an endless stream of telecommunications fraud, which is not only a unique segment of virtual operators, the number of operators based on the same segment can not be avoided. However, since two years of pilot, telecommunications fraud in the virtual operation of a higher proportion of business segments, it is an indisputable fact. With the prevention of telecommunications fraud is closely related to the implementation of the real name system, and thus triggered a wide range of discussion. In an interview with the Economic Observer newspaper, including virtual operators, including the majority of the industry believes that the implementation of the real name system is not strict, the real name system exists in various loopholes, to leave a huge amount of illegal space. Since this year, as the director of the Department of the Ministry has virtual operators real name system to carry out the implementation of several rounds of supervision and inspection, and require all operators to complete mobile communication user name system must be in before June 30, 2017. For the Xu Yuyu incident, the Ministry of industry in August 27 position, the real name system will be implemented as a virtual operator to expand the scope of business, an increase in the number of resources, the issuance of a formal business license of a veto. But in fact, released the first batch of virtual operators in 2014 8 Yuegong Ministry相关的主题文章: