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54 "traitors" Cao Rulin how to use "section before the loss of reputation to restore the" core tip: after the outbreak of war, Cao Ru Lin has said publicly to restore the reputation of the late former lost, do not serve in the puppet regime. It is said that the formation of Japanese troops in North China puppet regime, once to see Cao Rulin as the ideal candidate, but Cao remained unconvinced. Later, Wang Kemin gave him up "the highest adviser" Xu Xian, Wang Yitang served as political commissar of North China "pseudo chairman", empty title to Cao hanging a "Advisory Committee", but Cao Rulin never arrived in serve, also did not participate in the activities of traitor.   this paper from the Cao Rulin data figure: people.com.cn, author: Liu Yangdong, the original title: "54" after Cao Rulin did not become a traitor in Dayi before the May 4th Movement before, Cao Rulin had set, the Minister of finance, chief of the traffic bank prime minister and several staff in a body, is the weight of the Beiyang government politicians. Paris in 1919 and will, as part of the powers and Japan signed the treaty before the allies, openly defeated German interests in Shandong transferred to Japan, aroused strong dissatisfaction China people, causing the epoch-making significance of the May 4th Movement. At that time, Cao Rulin was responsible for the part of the chief of the traffic rights to Japan, and Lu Zongyu Monetary Authority President and Minister Zhang Zongxiang known as the "three big traitor". The May 4th Movement a famous slogan is "defend our sovereignty, punish the traitor". "54" on the same day, students marched to Zhao floor Cao house, Cao Rulin hid. The students mistook at the Cao house Zhang Zongxiang as Cao Rulin, Zhang beat up a meal, and set fire to the Cao house, the fire Zhao floor event. Later, some students were arrested, the event evolved into a massive strike, strike and strike. In June 10th, Cao and Lu, the chapter three was dismissed. "54" after the first Cao Rulin in the hospital to hide a few days later moved to Beihai city (then by Jing Sui Railway Bureau temporary custody). Cao here at home, every day to write to pass the time, but also changed the name of "sleep factory", with the meaning of. 54 sports, Cao Rulin but 42 years old. He didn’t have any positions, does not seem to attempt to stage a comeback, but keen to charity. Every winter, Cao home to pull a rickshaw driver. 100 sets of clothes. The charity is also quite special, every time from home or with a few sets of clothes to go out, see the street in rags, hired his car, pulled secluded alley, called the car stopped, the driver gave a set, and then go looking for an object. It is said that this method can avoid being impersonator cotton. Cao also often to the charity coffin. The last century in 20s, initiated by Cao Rulin, a total of more than and 20 people invested in Fuchengmen in baidasi Gouyan built a hospital, named central hospital. The hospital was completed and buy the required medical equipment, is still more than 200 thousand yuan, is hosted by the Cao Rulin new Heng bank. Central hospital is a charitable nature, with these 200 thousand yuan to support the hospital’s expenses, the poor to see a doctor, do not receive medical expenses. Then new Heng bank failures, left the hospital a few million, to save the bank. The bank closed, and central bank deposit. Cao Rulin has served as president of the Central Hospital, reputation"相关的主题文章: