German Commercial Banks gold rose through 100 daily average break 1130 or see to 1200 哈尔滨商业大学教务处

German Commercial Bank: gold rose through the 100 day break 1130 or 1200 to see FX168 – German commercial banks (Commerzbanl) Monday (February 1st) in the weekly analysis report, the 100 day moving average is providing support for the gold price, in the short-term upside risk appetite, above the initial target remains at $113031. The line said in the report, the gold price last week broke through the 100 day average of 1105.84 U.S. dollars, the level has now become a support position, and further consolidate the upward trend of gold prices. At present, the German commercial banks still long-term bullish on gold, the bank pointed out, "the 200 day moving average of $113031 is the smallest target, the long term, we expect the price of gold is expected to challenge the October 2015 high of $1192, $1202.88 and 2014-2016 year trend of resistance. As for the downside, the bank added that the initial support below the price of gold is at the average of $100 on the 1105.84 day, and if it falls below, it may look to the 55 day moving average of $1077.23. But as long as the price of gold stays above the 50 day moving average, the bullish outlook will not change. (Golden Ritu source: German commercial bank, FX168 financial network): 1130 31, 11361160 resistance support: 1105.84, 1077.23 (a week) short-term strategy: bullish medium-term strategy (one month): call checking: Mac into [shares] on Sina Finance

德国商业银行:黄金升穿100日均 突破1130或看向1200   FX168讯 德国商业银行(Commerzbanl)周一(2月1日)在周度分析报告中称,目前100日均线正在为金价提供支撑,中短期风险偏上行,上方初步目标位依然在1130 31美元。   该行在报告中表示,金价在上周突破了100日均线1105.84美元,该水平现已化为支撑位,并且进一步巩固了金价的上行趋势。   目前德国商业银行长期仍旧看好黄金,该行指出,“200日均线1130 31美元只是最小的目标位,长期来看,我们预计金价有望向2015年10月高位1192美元、以及2014-2016年趋势阻力1202.88美元发起挑战 。   至于下行方面,该行补充道,金价下方的初步支撑在100日均线1105.84美元,若跌破则可能看向55日均线1077.23美元。不过,只要金价能够维持在50日均线上方,则看涨观点不会改变。   (黄金日图 来源:德国商业银行、FX168财经网)   阻力位:1130 31、1136, 1160   支撑位:1105.84、1077.23   短期策略(一个周):看涨   中期策略(一个月):看涨   校对:Mac 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: