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Rong Hui Finance: BYD sold hot industry leading position hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Hong Kong level2 market through the mechanism according to the automobile association according to the number of cards Chinese, 2015 year, the new energy automobile production and sales year-on-year growth respectively. Up to 3.3 times and 3.4 times to 341 thousand cars and 331 thousand vehicles. The Ministry also announced January the latest data, in January 2016, China new energy automobile production 16 thousand and 100, an increase of 144%, sales of 13 thousand and 700 vehicles, an increase of 1.8 times over the same period last year, but the chain recorded more than 60% decline. Relative to the overall slowdown in the growth of the automotive industry, the new energy vehicles are still thriving in the plate. On the policy front, 8 ministries and commissions of the people’s Bank of China recently put forward suggestions to reduce the down payment of new energy vehicles loans, and BYD, the main producer and producer of new energy vehicles, will benefit further. The industry is booming, and BYD ( continues to be the leading position. BYD announced last year, raised profit forecasts, expected by the end of December 31, 2015, net profit attributable to shareholders of 2 billion 680 million yuan to 2 billion 850 million yuan, growth of 518 to 558%. The company refers to the fourth quarter of last year, the domestic development of new energy vehicles was the explosive growth, although the company’s new energy automobile production at full capacity, still cannot meet the demand of the market. Among them, the company launched a plug-in hybrid car Qin Tang "in the sales of similar products in a leading position; K9, electric vehicle product orders E6 public transportation areas such as hot, promote their business growth. Last year, the company expects net profit of 2 billion 330 million to 2 billion 520 million yuan, an increase of 435 to 481%. This year will continue to introduce plug-in hybrid SUV models "song", "Yuan", worth looking forward to. Sales accounted for 80% in January 2016, 3 pure electric vehicles (E6, E5, Teng potential) sales accounted for 20%. In addition to passenger cars, BYD, K9, E6 and other public transport field of electric vehicle products orders are hot, in the electric bus to go another city. The United States Department of transportation in California earlier this month, ordered 85 BYD electric buses, this is BYD electric bus for California Long Beach city 60 order and a concentrated mass order in the last year. CCB international and Credit Suisse awarded the "big city" rating, with target prices of 60.5 yuan and 80 yuan respectively. At the beginning of last week, the company’s stock price has risen for 4 days, the weekly increase of 15.3%, during which back down the gap earlier. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

融慧财经:比亚迪销量火爆 行业龙头地位稳固 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 港股level2行情 翻看机构底牌   据中国汽车协会数据,2015全年,新能源汽车产销量分别按年增长达3.3倍和3.4倍至34.1万辆和33.1万辆。工信部亦公布一月最新数据,2016年1月,中国新能源汽车生产1.61万辆,同比增长144%,销量则达1.37万辆,较去年同期同比增长1.8倍,惟环比录得逾六成跌幅。相对于整体汽车业的增长放缓,新能源车仍是该板块中一枝独秀。政策面上,近期人民银行等8部委提出意见,降低新能源车贷款首付,主力产销新能源车的比亚迪将进一步受惠。行业畅旺,比亚迪(的龙头地位继续稳固。   比亚迪公布,上调去年全年的盈利预测,料截至2015年12月31日,归属于股东的净利润26.8亿至28.5亿元,增长518至558%。公司指,去年第四季,国内新能源汽车发展呈爆发式增长,尽管公司新能源汽车满负荷生产,仍无法满足市场的强烈需求。其中,公司推出的插电式混合动力汽车“秦”“唐”在同类产品中销量处于领先地位;K9,E6等公共交通领域的电动汽车产品订单火爆,推动其业务增长。公司原预计去年全年净利23.3亿至25.2亿元,增长435至481%。   今年仍将陆续推出插电混动SUV车型“宋”、“元”,值得期待。2016年1月销量占比高达80%,3款纯电动车型(e6、e5、腾势)销量占比20%。除乘用车外,比亚迪K9、E6等公共交通领域的电动汽车产品定单火爆,在电动巴士方面再下一城。美国加州交通运输局于本月上旬,订购了85辆比亚迪电动巴士,这是比亚迪电动大巴在去年获得美国加州长滩市60辆定单后的又一笔集中大批量定单。   建银国际、瑞信予“跑赢大市”评级,目标价分别为60.5元及80元。上周初公司股价已连升4日,全周涨幅达15.3%,其间补回早前下跌裂口。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: