Android tablet suck Google quietly closed Education Edition play store 上海电机学院教务处

Android tablet suck Google quietly closed the educational Play store Sina Technology News Beijing time on February 17th morning news, 2013 Google launched the Play for Education project, convenient application and education to buy books, and distribute them to the students of the Android tablet computer. But the project will soon stop operation, Google will stop selling Play for Education authorization in March 14th. It is reported that Google will continue to support the existing Play for Education tablet computer users, until they come to an end, but the teacher still can continue to use Play for Education to search for content, and push it to their students. "As of March 14th or later, Google will no longer sell Play for Education authorization. We are committed to providing the best classroom tools for schools, including Chromebook, which has become the best selling device in the K-12 education field in the United states. We also want to develop a strong and growing ecosystem of educational applications." Google spokesman said, "we will continue to support Google Play for Education customers and their purchased equipment." Paly for Education was originally launched in the United States, but Google introduced it to Canada and Britain last year. Although Play for Education failed, but not all bad things for Google. When the service was launched, it was to promote the Android tablet in the American education sector. But the Android tablet didn’t get a big boost at the time, and the Chromebook laptop had a place in the education sector. This has even sparked concerns about Apple and Microsoft, and Google is also working on a major revision of ChromeOS, hoping to enhance the system’s capabilities. Fundamentally, Chrome is the focus of Google’s current education market, so Play for Education is no longer needed. (Book Yu)

安卓平板不给力 谷歌悄悄关闭了教育版Play商店   新浪科技讯 北京时间2月17日上午消息,Google 2013年推出了Play for Education项目,方便教育者购买应用和书籍,并将其分发给学生的Android平板电脑。但该项目很快将会停止运营,谷歌将在3月14日停售Play for Education授权。   据悉,谷歌仍将继续支持现有的Play for Education用户,直到他们的平板电脑寿终正寝,而老师仍然可以继续使用Play for Education寻找内容,并将其推送给自己的学生。   “截至3月14日或更晚些时候,谷歌将不再出售Play for Education授权。我们致力于为学校提供最佳的课堂工具,包括Chromebook,这已经成为美国K-12教育领域最畅销的设备。我们还希望发展强大而不断增长的教育应用生态系统。”谷歌发言人说,“我们将继续支持谷歌Play for Education客户及其购买的设备。”   Paly for Education最初在美国推出,但谷歌去年又将其引入了加拿大和英国。   虽然Play for Education失败了,但对谷歌来说并不全是坏事。当该服务推出时,就是为了在美国教育界推广Android平板电脑。但Android平板电脑当时并没有得到大幅提升,而Chromebook笔记本电脑却在教育界占据了一席之地。这甚至引发了苹果和微软的担忧,而谷歌也在努力对ChromeOS展开大幅改版,希望增强该系统的能力。从根本上讲,Chrome才是谷歌目前在教育市场的重点,所以已经不再需要Play for Education了。(书聿)相关的主题文章: