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Do you really want to double your in.e every year? Are you willing to do WHAT EVER IT TAKES? There are many .ponents required in doubling your in.e. However there is only ONE real key .ponent that is absolutely necessary. That is to KNOW that you can do it! Know with all your heart and soul, without a doubt that if you set your goal at double what you made last year, you will achieve it! Now that you have set your goal, what do you do next? The answer to that question is within what makes you the most nervous, uneasy, or fearful in your business. It is ok to recognize this fear and it is even ok to feel the fear. However it is NOT ok to let it dis-empower you in achieving your goals. By definition, Fear is an unpleasant feeling of perceived risk or danger, real or not. An example of REAL would be the real danger of jumping out of a 5th story window. An example of NOT would be perceived danger, like picking up the phone and risk being rejected by your prospect. If someone hangs up on you, you are still around to tell the story; you’re not in any real danger. What is FEAR exactly? Fear = A Lack of Trust. We all have our fears, whether it is fear of losing money, fear of failing, fear of being humiliated, fear of rejection, fear of not having anything to say when put on the spot, fear of nobody listening or maybe disagreeing with you, fear of being judged, fear of being left behind, fear of not living up to your expectations, or better yet not living up to you families or friends expectations, fear of being embarrassed or maybe you fear that you really don’t have what it takes to be successful because you don’t believe in yourself. Don’t forget too that there is also the other side of fear, fear of success, fear of being rich, and fear that your friends and family will view you differently if you appear to suddenly be above them. Either way, whatever your fears, they are equally powerful and will sabotage your efforts in your business if you let them. So now what are the FIVE MAIN .PONENTS required to Double your in.e each year by moving through your fears? 1. The first step is to FOCUS & visualize. Focus on the goal, not on the fear. Your goal is your main objective. If you continue to let your fear stop you, you will never ac.plish your goal. Once you are focused, now visualize! Visualize yourself doing that which scares you the most, and visualize yourself doing a fantastic job! Think from the end this means focus on the result of what you intend to achieve. Remember too that whatever you focus on will expand. This is the universal law of attraction. Focusing on your fear, will only give you more of the same. 2. The second step is to say YES. Say YES to opportunities as they .e your way. Don’t worry about HOW you will ac.plish the task, the how will .e automatically. Your job right now is to say YES and INTEND the out.e. As you say YES, you will begin to move towards you goals, your in.e will begin to increase and new opportunities will be presented to you! 3. The third step is to TRUST. Trust in yourself. Know that you created this fear and you convinced yourself it is real. The only enemy here are your negative thoughts and the feelings that go along with them. Trust yourself and trust your intuition. Begin to visualize yourself as already successful, already doing that which you fear the most. Imagine yourself having a successful phone conversation, a successful sale, a successful presentation, and a successful . You name it! See yourself doing a great job and feel the feelings that go along with this. It is time for YOU to begin believing in YOU. You much choose what you really want, then trust in yourself to ac.plish that goal. No matter what! If you can see yourself successfully doing it and trust that you can, you have already succeeded. 4. The fourth step is to DO. Now is the time to just DO IT! No hesitations, no looking back. Do it now and know that many others will follow in your footsteps. As you be.e empowered, you empower others. Even if you didn’t do it perfectly, were embarrassed, or even make some huge mistakes. The important thing is that you DID it! Next time will be better. Maybe you’re having a bad day, maybe you aren’t feeling 100%, maybe your confidence isn’t where they would like it to be . Whatever it is, continue to move forward and DO IT. This is what it takes to be successful in achieving your goals. 5. The fifth step is to REPEAT. Now you know the steps and have experienced the process repeat it again and again. You’ll find that your old fears may disappear all together. However, they will be replaced by other fears at a higher level. Continue to step-up to new challenges and your prosperity, or in.e, will step-up to match your growth. A child doesn’t give up the first time they fall down when they try to walk. They keep going and repeating the process until they have mastered it. Once they have mastered it they go on to master running, riding a bike, roller blading, skateboarding, snow boarding, driving a car, a boat, water skiing and on and one it goes. Focus on the goal, not the fear. Say Yes to opportunities when they find you. Visualize & Trust in yourself. Just Do it, don’t think about it. Repeat the process. Remember that Fear persists because of your avoidance and lack of trust. Some people say that fear is the opposite of love. Whatever your definition and whatever your fear, do not let it control your life and your business. If you REALLY want to double your in.e every year NOW is the time to step forward out of your .fort zone, show your humanness and be vulnerable. Continue to do this regularly and I guarantee you that your in.e will increase. By how much depends on you! It is time to STEP OUT OF YOUR .FORT ZONE! Do this consistently and you will prosper by DOUBLING your In.e! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: